Thursday, February 19, 2015

Madame Flamingo's 8-Step Foot Spa

Madame Flamingo
Headed to this new place in Maginhawa for a pampering session after a long day at work!

It's been a while since I had my nails done, so when Samantha invited me to try out their foot spa treatment, I immediately said yes! Maginhawa is not only a short drive from my office, but it's also Quezon City's food capital, so I'm always excited to go there and see all the new things it has to offer.

Like, for example, Madame Flamingo Nail Boutique and its eight step foot spa - the signature service. 
Madame FlamingoMadame Flamingo
In just five months since they opened, they've already relocated to a bigger and better space. So Maginhawa strip goers, if you're looking to prettify your nails after a great meal, do check them out at 164B Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village (near Good Burgers!) That's what I did when I revisited them a few weeks back! ;)
Madame Flamingo
They have a huge nail polish selection, some brands I never even heard of. But the one I've tried, Mac, turned out really nice. Just not sure if it's the same Mac as the make up brand.. probably not though. :P
Madame Flamingo
Madame Flamingo
Unfortunately, they charge an extra 15-50pesos for most of the brands they carry, but The Bakery has a lot of cool colors you could pick from at no additional cost.
Madame Flamingo
For this visit, I went with the Illuminating/Whitening Foot Spa. I'd also recommend the Peppermint Foot Spa which I've tried before - it's super refreshing!
Madame FlamingoMadame Flamingo
Onto the 8 steps! Reah started off by (1) soaking my feet in warm water. After a few minutes, she applied cream on the soles of my feet and (2) used a callus remover to get rid of all the dead skin. Once my soles were back to their normal smooth/soft selves, Reah proceeded to (3) scrub my ankles up to my knees for the same purpose.
Madame FlamingoMadame Flamingo
She then (4) applied a whitening mask and covered my legs in cling wrap and a hot towel for 20 minutes. After (5) washing off the mask with a cleanser, she went on to (6) massage the legs with oil for a few minutes, (7) moisturized with lotion, then finally, (8) sprayed their sweet smelling mist all over.
Madame Flamingo
All in all, it was a good experience, except for a few issues:
- They have no curtains, so people outside can see you (even when you're on the second floor)
- Madame Flamingo is surrounded by restaurants, so it tends to get noisy especially at night.
- If you just want to have your nails painted (no cleaning), you still have to pay the regular price.
- The owner's mom/manager told me the massage would last 20 minutes, it didn't.
- Their packages cost more than getting the services separately. Why?
- They have promo cards, but I didn't get one. :(
Madame Flamingo
Those are just some of the things I noticed; service-wise, they're actually okay. I wouldn't mind giving them another go in the future.

For reference:
Lesser Manicure Flamingo - P130
Puna Pedicure Flamingo - P150
Illuminating Foot Spa with Pedicure - P400
Illuminating Foot Spa + Manicure + Pedicure - P550
Madame Flamingo
Madame Flamingo Nail Boutique
164B Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village
For appointments/reservations: call 994-2810 or 0927-6728363