Saturday, January 10, 2015

KingOne Rotary Hot Pot

King One
This is, by far, my least favorite eat-all-you-can establishment in the Metro.

.. not that I've tried a whole lot, but I have been to the more common ones like Yakimix, Vikings, Buffet 101, and Dad's Ultimate Buffet, and I'd choose those over King One any day.
King OneKing One
Sure, we were all excited about the fact that there was a conveyor belt! Finally, a buffet where you don't have to stand up! Cool, right? 
King One
We thought so, too, until we realized that the food that goes around are the same food at the same spot every single time.
King One
Unlike with conveyor belt sushi where they just put random plates of food wherever there's space, here, they actually have standees taped beside the food to identify what it is. And since they're taped to the conveyor belt, that's the only place that specific food item will appear again. So if it's something really popular (let's say siomai), you'll have to wait a long time to get a plate, since the people before you will keep getting to them first.

I don't know about you, but I got bored really fast. Since I knew what I wanted and when it appeared, all I had to do was wait for the conveyor belt to go around again and the item to come back to me. I guess it just lacked the excitement of looking at every single dish that passes by your side of the belt.
King One
Also, there were too many veggie options and not enough meat ones. It doesn't seem worth paying P600 or P700 per head for, unlike at Dad's where there are over a hundred options at the same price.

The taste range was pretty limited, too. Since you cook everything in the soup, they'll all end up tasting the same. Haha! So you better be prepared to mix and match the condiments and create an awesome sauce to really enjoy your food here.
King One
Let me just add that they have an actual menu containing items that aren't on the conveyor belt (like rice or cheese balls), so make sure to order from there, too. Just make sure to finish everything on your table! Don't waste food, guys! :)
King One
I was pretty disappointed with their dessert options as it only included fruits. Where's the chocolate fondue? And the ice cream? And pastries? :(
King One
Oh well. Better luck next time! :)
King One
Visit KingOne at your own risk! Haha kidding! I've read some good reviews about it, so maybe it just wasn't our kind of thing. Check them out and let me know how your meal went! :)

270 GP Tomas Morato, Sacred Heart, Quezon City

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