Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Celebrating at Shrimp Bucket

For my birthday, the family had dinner at Shrimp Bucket before catching a late night screening of the movie Frozen. We got there not expecting to have to wait for a table because (1) it was a Thursday, and (2) it was still early for dinner. To our surprise, the restaurant was packed! We didn't really have a choice but to wait since my dad was determined to eat there. I just took it as a good sign. A restaurant with a long waiting list on a weeknight just means their food is good, right? Plus, it was the only place in UP Town Center that was full at the time (I know this because we walked around while waiting for our table).

I'm pretty happy the wait was worth it, but I'm definitely making a reservation the next time we decide to eat there! Haha.
Shrimp Bucket

We started off with the SB Salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing. My sister and I liked this so much, but when we asked for another order, they ran out na daw. Boo :(
Shrimp Bucket
My brother ordered some Cereal Shrimps.
Shrimp Bucket
I thought the shrimps lacked flavor compared to their Buffalo Wings. I just wish their bleu cheese dip was a little thicker.
Shrimp Bucket
Then came time for the shrimps! :) We ordered two pounds of it - each with a different sauce. You can choose from Mardi Gras, Salty Eggsperience, The Spaniard, Coco-SOL (South of Luzon), French lemon Pepper, and Coco-Curry. We went with the first two - Mardi Gras and Salty Eggsperience. :)
Shrimp Bucket
My dad loved the taste of salted eggs on his shrimps, everyone else favored the Mardi Gras (even on our mussels)!
Shrimp BucketShrimp Bucket
I know they don't look all that appealing, especially since the food is served in a plastic bag. But I am telling you, the Mardi Gras sauce is delicious! I recommend putting it in your rice, too. Saraaaap! :)
Happy eating! :)

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