Saturday, November 9, 2013

Girls' Day Out: Part Three

After our quick coffee/dessert break at EPIC, we headed to our next stop. Like all bridal showers, there comes a point when you give the bride-to-be something that she can use on her wedding night. Can you guess where we went next? :)
La Senza

La Senza! 
La Senza
It was our first time shopping together for undergarments/lingerie, but since we've already been friends for more than eight years, we didn't let that stop us! Walang hiya hiya!
La Senza
We kept suggesting stuff for Cathy to try on. Maybe Dino will like this! Oohh, you should try this on!
La SenzaLa Senza
I know Cathy loves La Senza because we've talked about this shop numerous times before and even update each other when there's a sale! Haha!
La Senza
Took pictures outside the fitting room while waiting for Cathy to try on stuff :p
La SenzaLa Senza
Minor setback: the lingerie she wanted wasn't available in her size. Good thing the saleslady was very helpful. She called their branch in Trinoma and reserved it for us. Big thanks to you! :)

Our next stop was Karen's Kitchen located at Petron Dasma Building in Makati.
Karen's KitchenKaren's Kitchen
Apparently, Steph and Joy have heard nothing but good things about this place so we decided to try it out. We ordered the Xanadu - a perfect synergy of tastes and textures crunchy meringue base, Chocolate Cake, Cream, Chocolate Mousse enrobed in a Dark Chocolate Ganache (description from Karen's Kitchen's website) - which we then brought to Frutti Froyo!
Frutti FroyoFrutti Froyo
It was Cathy's first time at a self-serve yogurt place! Glad you had fun, dear! :)

The last two stops weren't actually part of our plan. The real reason we were at Petron Dasma Building was because we had a scheduled visit at St. Nails! We had to wait out a bit since all their nail technicians were occupied at the time (it was a Saturday after all).

We really didn't mind the wait. Because when it was our turn, we had a full two hours of pampering. Ooohlala. Now that's how you spend the day with your girl friends!
St. NailsSt. NailsSt. NailsSt. NailsSt. NailsSt. NailsSt. NailsSt. Nails
Right after getting pampered, we had to rush to the car because we were already running late (we still had to make it to Trinoma before it closes). We made it, of course, thanks to Steph's driving! :P

When it was finally time to eat, it was already past 10pm, so we were all starving!
Dinner consisted of food that we used to have during our college sleepovers - KFC chicken and california maki! :)

Before going to bed, we each shared a message for Cathy, told corny jokes, watched (and cried over) Glee's tribute to Cory Monteith episode. I'm happy that we no longer have to work on anything - no more projects, papers or thesis! Haha! Hoping for more sleepovers in the future! :)

See you all tomorrow for the wedding! ❤