Monday, November 11, 2013

Instaxed: At Cathy's Wedding

My first three entries this month were all dedicated to Cathy's bridal shower (see one, two, and three), so I figured I might as well continue my streak by posting about her wedding! :)

I was excited to see Cathy walk down the aisle and also catch up with the block mates I haven't seen in years, so I brought my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 to capture as many moments with them as possible - and I couldn't have done it without the help of my boyfriend Mike!

Since the wedding was going to be held at Mary the Queen Parish, we decided to leave the house early to have lunch at Banapple first before heading to the church.

Here I am in my #OOTD (I call this photo Ghost in Red. Haha!) 
Instaxed: Cathy's Wedding
I really should remember to switch my instax's settings from time to time. :p

Mike and I while waiting for our food to be served :)
Instaxed: Cathy's Wedding
After lunch, we dropped by Cold Layers to try their Wintermelon Milk Tea. Their purple couch is soooo pretty!!
(This is probably my favorite out of all the photos Mike took of me over the years.) Instaxed: Cathy's Wedding
And because of that, I offered to take his photo too! 
Instaxed: Cathy's Wedding
It didn't turn out as well as we hoped, so we made fun of it instead. Hihi :p Le moustache works!
Instaxed: Cathy's Wedding
We so sweet noh? <3

Soon, we headed to the church, where I was reunited with this beautiful group of people! :)
Instaxed: Cathy's Wedding
I missed you, R2! ♥
Instaxed: Cathy's WeddingInstaxed: Cathy's Wedding
I made sure to take photos with Denice and Joy this time since I wasn't able to during Cathy's shower.

And of course, a photo of the newlyweds!
Instaxed: Cathy's Wedding
Congratulations, Dino and Cathy! <3

Another photo with Denice and Joy since the bride and maid of honor were MIA.
Instaxed: Cathy's Wedding
It took a while to steal Cathy from everybody, so I was extremely happy when we finally got a chance to take this.
Instaxed: Cathy's Wedding
We're missing one person though - April, who is now happily living in the states with her husband and their baby boy.
We miss you, Ep!
Instaxed: Cathy's Wedding
So glad to have been part of this wonderful wedding! I love you, Cathy! Make beautiful geeky babies ASAP :p
Will post our photo booth pictures in a separate entry since this one's pretty photo-heavy as it is.
That'll be my fifth post on Cathy-related events, but who's counting? I swear I'll work on my backlogs after that!