Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mang Toots: A Thomasian Favorite

Last week, Mike and I explored UST while we waited for his brother's class to finish.
 There we met up with his friend Sayc, who took us to Mang Toots for lunch.

I heard that Mang Toots is popular for its good food at affordable prices, so I was really excited to try it for myself.

Check out the photos of what we ordered, starting with the asadoMang Toots
Breaded chicken with tartar sauceMang Toots
Burger steakMang Toots
Banana-RhumaMang Toots
Out of everything, my favorite would probably be their Banana-Rhuma, which sells at P10 (for 3 pieces). They add cinnamon and rum to your usual turon (deep fried bananas in spring roll wrappers) which makes it so much more tastier. Ahh, saaaarap! I even bought an extra order to take home. :p

And would you believe they cater, too? Definitely ordering a billion pieces of Banana-Rhuma the next chance I get. Okay, fine, maybe just a hundred so I don't get sick of it. :p
Until my next food adventure! :)