Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Heart Earrings

I've always been a fan of wearing earrings. They give you an extra oomph - a certain level of attitude or sophistication - depending on what type of earrings you're wearing, of course. For me, pearl earrings have always been my ears' best friend, just because they work well with pretty much anything. 

But recently, I've been keeping my pearls in my drawer for more colorful and unique options. Like these gorgeous laser cut glitter acrylic heart earrings that Teal Deer sent me last month.
Teal DeerTeal Deer

Aren't they lovely? Check out the details on these babies. Teal DeerTeal Deer
Big thanks to Haley for these! :)

Another new favorite would be these heart ear pins from Arajera.Arajera
Here's a photo when worn. And the cute bottle that they came with :)
I wish I got their shooting stars and tiny wings ear pins as well! Eeeek! ♥
Happy Saturday, everyone! :)