Thursday, June 27, 2013

Moving In, Moving On

Hey everyone!

Due to the many limitations of Tumblr, I have decided to move my blog here. And since the address was already taken, I had to go with my name. I will still update my Tumblr from time to time, but please note that will be my new home moving forward.

Right now, I am (1) slowly importing my old site; (2) exploring Blogger so I can personalize my layout more; and (3) watching Spartacus. My Tumblr layout did not make use of a banner, so I made a temporary banner (the one you see above) until I decide on a more suitable one :)

Will miss my Tumblr, but we all have to move on eventually.



Edit as of 2:50pm: I have decided on my new banner! 
(Photo was taken in Japan last December 2011.)

Life is definitely in technicolor!