Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY: Color Makes Everything Better :)


Floral and polkadots - I think my friends would agree that this is so me! :P My tape obsession started about a month ago when I discovered my mom’s fabric tapes. I also used them to wrap my Samsung Galaxy S3 charger (which you can see here). Though fabric tapes are more affordable than the popular Washi tape, they are thicker and more opaque. Which leads me to my current problem - I make a lot of typographical errors and take longer to type now because I can’t read the letters/numbers on my keyboard. Haha /fail

And I didn’t stop there. Over the next few days, I kept adding tapes until I couldn’t see anything any more. Below is a photo of how my laptop looks right now. And below it, my awesome new mouse and keypad from CDR-King (they seriously have the best stuff!)
To date, I still don’t have a single roll of washi tape. I’ll wait for inspiration to hit again, maybe then I’ll buy a couple. Maybe. :P
Update: Okay, to future users of fabric tape, do not use them on your laptops, because if you try removing them, they will leave marks like scotch tape. They’re not sticky, but still. Only do this if you don’t intend on removing the tapes, or if you want to scrub like mad when the day comes :P

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