This blog aims to showcase all the wonderful, beautiful, and colorful things the world has to offer - whether it be through food, travel, or whatever else.

It all started as just another photo blog on Tumblr - until Bettina realized there was so much more she wanted to share. She wanted to write and tell her story; to talk about her experiences and her life as a twenty-something year old living in the Philippines. But more than that, she wants to share how she views the world through the photographs she takes.

"I often dream about seeing the world and experiencing the different cultures living in it. One day, I will turn that dream into reality - until then, I would say I live a pretty normal life. My day job keeps me busy most of the time, but I like to spend whatever free time I have left on reading, writing, watching television series, eating (who doesn't!?), and spending time with loved ones. I never leave home without my camera. I believe that beauty and inspiration can be found anywhere, so gotta be prepared! ;)"

This blog is open for collaborations, sponsorships, product reviews, and the like. For any inquiries, mail me at hello@bettinabacani.com.
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