Saturday, September 4, 2021

#SweetNaturally with California Raisins

Received a bunch of goodies the other day, all of which share one special ingredient - California Raisins! Since California Raisins are naturally sweet, chefs Buddy Trinidad, Jackie Ang po, and Ed Bugia didn't have to add so much sugar into their creations, so I've pretty much been snacking ~guilt-free~ since they've arrived. I honestly didn't want to share them with my family as they're all so, so good! Sharing my quick thoughts on each:

Raisin Loaf
Chef Buddy Trinidad's Raisin Loaf is soft and fluffy. I immediately thought of my mom when I saw it as she loves her raisin loaves and would eat them every day if she could. It's something that kids and adults would definitely enjoy - whether it be for breakfast, afternoon tea, or as a midnight snack!

Raisin Ensaymadas
Chef Jackie Ang Po's Raisin Ensaymadas offer a refreshing take on store-bought ensaymadas. Most ensaymadas just have butter and sugar on top. These ones have a generous California Raisin-center which gives it that extra sweetness!

Raisin Coconut Cookies
Chef Edward Bugia's Raisin Coconut Cookies combines white chocolate, toasted coconut shavings, and California Raisins into one very delicious treat. Oftentimes, cookies are seen as a cheat-day snack, but these ones are good to have any day of the week as California Raisins are not only nutritious but great energy boosters as well! 
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