Friday, January 24, 2020

Celebrate Chinese New Year at Xin Tian Di

Looking to extend your Chinese New Year celebrations? Well, you're in luck, because Xin Tian Di is offering their Happiness Menu until January 31, 2020!

On January 31, 2020, Xin Tian Di will be opening its doors for the last time before undergoing a two-month renovation period. Worry not as they'll be back to serve you delicious Chinese fare in April 2020! ;) 
As of writing, you still have a week to visit them and grab your favorite dishes, as well as avail of their unlimited dimsum promo! Not a fan of dimsum (seriously though, what kind of person doesn't like dimsum??), then go for their Happiness Menu priced at Php 17,888++ that's good for 6 persons!

Choose from Fortune Yu Sheng OR Cold Cuts Combination of Chinese and Japanese Style
The Fortune Yu Sheng is a dish that has an entire ceremony to go with it! Lucky for us, the chef was there to assist us with mixing the different ingredients, adding the sauces, and tossing the whole thing properly. Apparently, the higher the toss, the more luck and money will come to you.

It was my first time seeing a cold cuts platter that included sushi! Pretty interesting since I personally love Japanese food.. Kinda missed the usual century egg and seaweed though.

Dried Scallop, Fish Maw, and Shredded Sea Abalone OR Double Boiled Conch Meat, Chicken, Coconut with Conpoy
We went with the Dried Scallop, Fish Maw, and Shredded Sea Abalone soup which I thought was a good choice. A pretty filling bowl, but we all managed to finish every last drop of it. Ang sarap eh! :P

Main Dishes
Hot Prawn Salad with Mango Yogurt Dressing

This one always seems to be a favorite in every gathering. The prawns were cooked perfectly.. didn't bother with the fruits as I was saving space for the next dish.. Haha!

1/2 Roasted Peking Duck in 2-Way Course (served with Chinese pancake and condiments)

I usually don't fight for my share of this, but this was too good to pass up! I had two out of 10 (sorry nalang sa isa lang nakain :)) HEHE)

Steamed Sea Bass Fillet in XO sauce

Tofu & fish is always a good combo! I honestly like fish best when I don't have to debone it. XD

Braised Broccoli with Wild Mushroom and Bean Curd Roll in Oyster Sauce

Loooved this!! This turned out to be one of my favorites. I highly recommend dipping the bean curd in some chili sauce too!

Wok Fried Minced Duck in Lettuce Cup

 I was supposed to skip this, but they cooked this really well, so much flavor! Honestly, you don't even need to add hoisin sauce for this. It's already great as is.

Braised E-fu Noodle with Crab Meat & Assorted Seafood with Egg White

Sabi nga ni Spanky Enriquez.. "I really like this!!" It's one of the more unique dishes we got to try that afternoon. I don't think I've ever had anything like this before since the noodles we usually have at Chinese restaurants contain pork and mushrooms (instead of seafood and crab meat). I highly recommend this one!

Fried Organic Rice with Veal & Asparagus in Abalone Sauce

I love how rice always comes at the end at Chinese restaurants since by that time, I'm already full! Haha! I still made sure to try a bit of this though (the rest was eaten by my good friend The Hungry Kat). Hungry talaga siya :))

Pan-Fried Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake

Sweet Almond Ginger Tea

For dessert, we had the usual fried tikoy (supposedly eaten by family and friends during the new year so they "stick" together more) and the Sweet Almond Ginger Tea which was both sweet and spicy?? It's a great palate cleanser and the flavor of the ginger stays even after eating it. At first, I was disappointed that they didn't serve us my favorite almond shake or mango sago, but this was weirdly good. Best served hot! Sobrang kakaiba!

Again, the Happiness Menu at Xin Tian Di is available for Php 17,888++ or Php 19,764.34 nett for six persons (inclusive of one complimentary box of tikoy). I honestly thought the set could feed 8, maybe more. The food is highly recommended and I appreciate the fact that the chef tried to veer away from common dishes. 10/10 would come back! Make sure to visit them before the month ends (they close for a two-month renovation beginning February 1, 2020!)
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