Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Tints of Nature Review

Last month, I attended a Healthy Hair Workshop with Tints of Nature at Healthy Options, Robinsons Magnolia. There, we met Tints of Nature hair expert Cloe Hazell who talked about their all-natural products and even demonstrated how easy they are to use.

Tints of Nature has all our hair needs covered - from shampoos and conditioners to permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes, and my favorite, the hair treaments! 
During the demo, Cloe showed us how to cover grey hair using their Permanent Hair Dye. Compared to other traditional colouring methods, Tints of Nature has a more unique approach to home hair dyes. "Using the lowest possible levels of PPD pigments, 75% certified organic and 95% naturally derived ingredients, our vegan friendly formulas maintain hair’s essential protein and moisture levels during colouring."
This just means that your hair is not damaged during the colouring process, but is in fact strengthened and your colour is locked in for longer. Amazing, right?! Cloe even told us that you can colour your hair as often as you want. Meaning, if you use a hair dye today and turns out you don't like it, you can go ahead and apply a new colour the following day! 

Or.. you could go for their Henna Cream Semi-Permanent Home Hair Dye. It's another healthier way of colouring your hair without the long term commitment. "A gentle, PPD/PTD FREE semi-permanent formula made with natural henna and over 95% naturally derived and 15 certified organic ingredients that treat, condition and strengthen your hair during colouring, to give you beautiful colour with healthy, glossy results and grey coverage." The Henna Cream range is perfect if you are looking to experiment with a new shade or add depth and tone to your existing colour. Available in 9 shades and lasts up to 12 washes. 
We also got to see their Bold Colors and Pasteliser work!

Tints of Nature Bold Colours transform your hair into a technicoloured dream, without damage or commitment. With 8 customisable colours and a Pasteliser for softer shades, the Bold range is the perfect way to try a bright new look without long term commitment. The Vegan and Cruelty Free Formula is packed with naturally derived ingredients and is free from Free from Ammonia, PPD, Parabens, Silicone and Sulfates. Our conditioner based colour is damage-free so you can try a vibrant new colour without compromising your hair. For best results use on light, bright, natural blonde or bleached hair.
After the workshop, we were given the chance to consult with Cloe.
I told her I've been colouring my hair a lot this year, so Cloe suggested I try their Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner along with their Structure Treatment (to be used twice a week). I also asked for her recommendation on what color I should use on my hair and we settled on Natural Medium Brown (4N). 
Before using Tints of Nature, my hair was three shades of brown and my natural color was growing out as well. Just look at the photo below:
Man, it looked so bad! It didn't look like that in front so I thought it was still okay. I guess I thought wrong. I'm glad I finally found a good brand of hair dye that will not do any more damage to my hair. The Natural Medium Brown is one of 24 permanent home hair dye shades available at Tints of Nature. Cloe chose this for me as it will help make my hair look healthy and even. She also recommended the Structure Treatment for restoring weak and damaged hair like mine. Other treatments available are Hydrate and Scalp.
Tint's of Nature Permanent Hair Colour range naturally nourishes hair and covers greys. Containing over 95% naturally derived and 75% certified organic ingredients; no ammonia, propylene glycol or other harsh chemicals, it's even vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

The box includes an Instruction Leaflet, a Clarifying Shampoo (for removing product buildup and oils), the Colour Gel which you mix into the Colourfix, and for after you color, the Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner.

The verdict? The colour came out really nice! It turned out sort of like an ash grey and not a boring dark brown, which I loooove! I also had my mom help me to make sure it comes out even, though it seems easy enough to do on your own. My hair was surprisingly smooth after, too. Usually, hair gets really dry and frizzy after colouring, but this time, it didn't! I guess that's really what makes Tints of Nature different from the rest - the fact that it's made up of 75% certified organic and 95% naturally derived ingredients! I'm also assuming that the Structure Treatment helped since I've used it about five times prior to colouring. Get yours at any Healthy Options branch ;)
 Added thoughts: It's been two weeks since I coloured my hair with Tints of Nature and I feel like it's getting lighter by the day (or maybe it just depends on the lighting??) I'm kind of enjoying the change though, so let's see where this goes from there. Will post updates on my Instagram (@bettinabacani) so do follow me there!
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