Saturday, November 9, 2019

Tzu Chi Foundation Celebrates 25 Years!

It has been 25 years since the start of the Tzu Chi Foundation in the Philippines. To tell you the truth, it's my first time hearing about it, but when I spoke to my mom and husband about Tzu Chi, they both knew a lot about the foundation's good works. 

Tzu Chi Foundation, a Taiwanese international non-governmental organization continues to spread relief and compassion to the Filipinos through their humanitarian efforts throughout the country. With over 10 million members worldwide, it is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world. 
The foundation was founded by Dharma Master Cheng Yen, a Taiwanese Buddhist nun, who encountered so many challenges at a young age which led her to Buddhist Monasticism with a vow to work for Buddhism and for the good of all living sentients. 
Tzu Chi Foundation is most well-known for disaster relief and volunteers also organize long term projects to rebuild affected communities. Up until today, Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s teachings of helping the ones in need led to the construction of hospitals, schools, universities and communities. 
Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines is one of the fifty-seven countries with Tzu Chi Foundation’s chapters around the globe. 

The four missions of Tzu Chi:
Charity is classified as Long Term Aid or Immediate Assistance. Applying the principles of Sincerity, Integrity, Trust, and Honesty in all its missions, every form of aid is personally handed over to the beneficiary to make the most out of every single penny collected. During Yolanda, Tzu Chi created a “Cash for Work” program for the victims to encourage them not just to clean up their houses but also to clean up their community for its recovery and to stand on their feet again from this calamity.
Medicine is where Tzu Chi unceasingly sets up its network of medical services across Taiwan to allow its Mission of Medicine to spread out far and wide. Seven hospitals in strategic locations are now serving the public in which each infrastructure was engraved with love in the History of Tzu Chi Foundation. The hospitals abolished the requirement of cash deposit before admitting a patient. In the Philippines, Tzu Chi holds medical missions regularly to give free medical operations and surgeries to patients who have cataracts and other illness that needs surgical assistance. 
Education emphasize on value formation and serves to provide a proper direction and guidance to life. It emphasizes learning about character, daily life, and humanity. Tzu Chi has a comprehensive education system in Taiwan from kindergarten up to doctorate degree. Here in the Philippines, we have a livelihood program that provides out of school youth with an alternative education in Machine operation; Sewing; Welding; Aircon & Refrigeration Repair; Caregiving; Business Process Outsourcing & Computer TroubleShooting. These programs enable participants to become income earners within a short period of time. 

Humanity is intended to promote social harmony and peace through literary works, Daai TV, Tzu Chi Radio, Recycling Centers, Jing Si Book Shops and Still Thoughts Hall which aim to exemplify the spirit of great love among people. These structures serve to bring blessings to the society, to ignite the core value of a human being to help and care for one another and to respect life. Moreover, these are important venues to keep calm, bring peace and purify people’s minds. 
To give thanks to all members, volunteers, and donors of the organization for years of helping the Filipino community, Tzu Chi Foundation celebrated its 25th Anniversary last November 8, 2019 with a press conference for friends from the media on November 7 at the Tzu Chi Great Love Campus, Sta. Mesa, Manila. 
 The 25th Anniversary activities included a Taiwanese Food Market, an ocular of the Eye Center facilities, Dental Clinic and Livelihood Center. 
The occasion coincides with the book launching of Ms. Alya Honasan’s “A Mission of Love” as she shares her story on 25 years of Tzu Chi Foundation’s activities in the Philippines. 
Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines appeals to all interested donors and volunteers to continue the mission of relief and compassion to promote love and service in the Philippines and throughout the world. Interested volunteers or donors may contact the following numbers: (632) 8732-0001 and (632) 8732-0002 

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