Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Sun Soft: Idol sa Linis

Meet the new idol sa linis!

Cleaning the house is no laughing matter. Before getting married, I had a ton of free time. But now, things like washing the dishes and doing laundry take up most of it, but it's a reality we all have to face. I'm just glad I recently discovered Sun Soft, since they promise to make doing chores a whole lot easier (and faster) with their new formulation.

Meet Sun Soft's newest endorsers - Andrei, Benjie, and Kobe Paras!

Sun Soft currently has three products under its belt - the Sun Soft Paradise Powder Detergent, Sun Soft Heavenly Fabric Conditioner, and Sun Soft Zesty Lemon Dishwashing Liquid. For those who don't know, Sun Soft is one of the brands under Marikina Shoe Exchange (MSE), a direct selling company offering products like shoes, clothes, bags, personal care, and home items. 
I've heard of MSE before but I used to think they just sold shoes - after all, their name does say "shoe exchange." Haha. But it's good to know that they actually carry more than one kind of product. In fact, they probably carry hundreds, maybe thousands, from what I've seen from their online catalogue. For now, let's focus on Sun Soft.

Item #1: Sun Soft Paradise Powder Detergent
Now, if you want a detergent that will help keep your clothes sun soft clean and smelling fresh, this might be worth a go. I know I could definitely use something like this since our home doesn't have a lot of windows and ventilation, so I sometimes have clothes that don't dry properly and end up smelling "kulob".

The Sun Soft Paradise Laundry Detergent is said to have the following properties: 
- Optical Brightness to absorb UV light, making clothes visibly whiter and the colors more vibrant
- Power Deodorizers to remove and protect against unpleasant odors (whether it be sweat or kulob)
- Micro-encapsulated perfumes for long-lasting fragrance (3x more versus the previous formulation)
- Anti-Dirt Shield to quickly remove dirt and grime and prevent them from coming back during washing
- Budget Friendly Easy Rinse Formulation for fast-forming bubbles and a hassle-free, quick rinse formula

Last but not the least, it leaves no chalk-like residue, so you won't get that dry, powdery feeling on your washed clothes. Get an 800-gram pouch for only Php 185 (P.S. Check out MSE on Lazada & use my voucher code "MSEbcqrz6" to get 10% off on all orders)

Item #2: Sun Soft Heavenly Fabric Conditioner
Similar to the Sun Soft Paradise Laundry Detergent, the fabric conditioner also has 3x more micro-encapsulated perfumes (in Sweet Heaven Fragrance) so you can enjoy its heavenly scent all day long! 

It also:
- Makes clothes and garments softer and more comfortable to wear
- Has an Easy Iron, Anti-Wrinkle Formulation (pretty self explanatory)
- Protects clothes from damage during washing and from static discharges in dry weather

So if this is something you look for, it is priced at Php 280 for a one-liter bottle. MSE also does Buy 1 Take 1 promos from time to time, so make sure to follow them for updates. ;)

Item #3: Sun Soft Zesty Lemon Dishwashing Liquid
I personally love buying plates with cute prints and mugs that fit my quirky and colorful personality. It doesn't matter if it's a complete set or not, I enjoy mixing and matching as well as using them for photos, so, yes, I do find myself washing dishes quite often. If you want to save time AND money on dishwashing, the Sun Soft Zesty Lemon Dishwashing Liquid is said to:
- Clean up to 5x more than other brands thanks to its concentrated formula
- Have an easy rinse formulation, leaving no soapy residue
- Completely remove dried stains, odors, and cold grease or "sebo" with its powerful cleaning formula

Lastly, it leaves a fresh summertime scent on your plates and utensils with no strong chemical odor, so that's a huge plus for me! We all know that some products leave this weird scent that makes you feel like you're actually eating the chemicals.. So definitely loving this!! Not bad, too, for Php 125 per 270ml bottle!
If I were you, I'd start welcoming these "idols sa linis" to your homes A.S.A.P.! You can get them through Lazada starting this November (don't forget to use my code "MSEbcqrz6" for 10% off), your nearest MSE dealer, or better yet, be a dealer yourself!

To join MSE: Log onto your Facebook account and search for “MSE Business” or click here. Click on “Sign Up” and fill out the necessary details. Submit and wait for MSE to contact you for your Voucher Code. IT'S SUUUPER EASY! ;)
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