Saturday, September 7, 2019

Beard Papa's Celebrates 20 Years!

Beard Papa’s is back with a bang and a special 20% off for this month only!!

In 1999, a small bakery opened in the small town of Osaka, Japan. People in the town couldn’t resist the aroma from the bakery, or the kind face of the owner, Yuji Hirota. His fluffy white beard was so renowned that he became known as “Beard Papa” to all of his regular customers. (source)
Groups of children would always ask Yuji when he was going to make another kind of delicious treat. Beard Papa wanted every new customer to feel like they were sitting with him in Osaka. He decided to make a pastry as fluffy and lovable as his beard, and cream puffs were just the treat. People loved his new treat so much that he had to open another store to accommodate all of his new friends. He never stopped, and now there are over 400 Beard Papa’s worldwide that have some of the best cream puffs ever made. (source)
He perfected the art of his pastries by making a double layered puff–choux on the inside, and pie crust on the outside. Then, he proceeded to make the perfect filling, made with a mixture of whipped and vanilla custard cream. (source)
Since 1999, Beard Papa’s has been baking the finest cream puff in the world in more than 400 shops in 15 nations and regions. This year, Beard Papa’s is celebrating its 20th year in the industry and as part of the celebration, Beard Papa's Philippines is offering its valued customers its LIMITED Langue de Chat Puff! Buy 3 pie puffs and 3 Langue de Chat puffs for 20% off the original price! Enjoy flavors like Custard, Charcoal, and Japan’s favorite, White Peach! P.S. This promotion will be available at both their Glorietta 2 and Promenade stores until September 30, 2019 only.
Happy 20th anniversary, Beard Papa's!! Hope to see you around Manila more! :)

For now, please visit them in the following locations:
* 2/F Glorietta 2, Makati City (Beside S&R and Sunnies Studios)
* GF Promenade, Greenhills (Near Starbucks and 8Cuts)

More information below:
Beard Papa’s stores still use the recipe to this day, along with a ton of new recipes that are bound to satisfy any palette. Whether you are in Japan, Australia, Canada, or America you will always be able to find your own Beard Papa’s. (source)
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