Saturday, July 6, 2019

Tendon Akimitsu, Top of the Glo

Tendon Akimitsu opens its first stand-alone store at Top of the Glo in Glorietta!

Tendon Akimitsu is one of the newest restaurants you can find at Top of the Glo in Glorietta. Despite it being the restaurant's fourth store, it's their first stand-alone one as all others are shared with Ramen Nagi. Expect to find more than just seafood here as they've added meat and donburi (rice bowls) in the menu as well! 
The restaurant is well known for their Tendon (Mixed, Nami, Ebi, and Squid) and Tempura sets (Mixed, Squid, and Ebi), but if you're on a diet, they do have sets without rice so you can fully give in to your tempura craving without the added carbs. 

I ordered the Mixed Tendon Set (P390). Did you know that "tendon" is short for tendon donburi? I honestly didn't figure it out until I realized that the only difference between tempura and tendon sets is that the tendon serves the tempura over rice. Haha :P I don't know if this is common knowledge - if it is, I apologize, as I only started to really enjoy tempura recently. I guess a lot of the ones I've had before (especially ones from buffets) aren't top quality or consists mostly of breading. 

Tendon Akimitsu's isn't like that at all. I completely enjoyed my Mixed Tendon Set which consists of tiger prawns, fish, egg (a whole egg!), carrot, eggplant, beans, and shiitake mushroom
I didn't even get to finish the rice because I was so full from the tempura! 

As I've mentioned earlier, they've added a couple of donburi sets to the menu - here's two of them: the Chicken Namban Don and Beef Don. 
Don't forget to order some rolls as they're bomb digs. Highly recommended: Sunshine Roll (consists of assorted fruits and salmon)
Congratulations, Tendon Akimitsu!
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