Friday, June 21, 2019

International Favorites at Pizza Express, SM North Edsa

A few weeks after Pizza Express' collaboration with Bun Appetit, they're back at it again with some new pizza flavors! Unfortunately for us, these international favorites (from Indonesia, Singapore, and China) will only be available until June 30, so I suggest dropping by A.S.A.P.

I'm really happy that they opened their second branch at SM North Edsa, because Uptown Mall is really far from where I live (will always be a QC girl, y'all!). We started the meal with a dish that wasn't available last time - their Baked Dough Balls with Truffle Parmesan and Mushroom Dip. 
It's hella good. As in. Kat and Luke were able to try it at Uptown Mall and they loved it, so we really had to order it during our meet-up. Sobrang sarap niya, especially if you eat it warm. Though to tell you the truth, the baked dough balls are really the stars here. They're already delicious as is, even without the dips or sauces or whatever. 
It can be filling though, so make sure to order wisely and don't go crazy like we did. I mean, we ordered one appetizer (the dough balls), a huge plate of pasta (which Kat mostly ate), fruit shakes (their summer coolers), and ALL OF THEIR NEW PIZZA FLAVORS (there are five). Grabe, diba? We really wanted to make sure that we taste all of them before the month ended. It was such a good meal, and to be able to share it with friends whom I haven't seen in a while made it even better. 


Let's start off with the Laksa. 
Laksa is a spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup that usually consists of assorted seafood (shrimps, mussels, and the like). Personally I thought this was good but mostly in a seafood-pizza-kind-of-way, not exactly because it tasted a lot like laksa, but still delicious. The Laksa Romana has shrimps, mussels, squid, and cilantro and goes for Php 650.

The Chicken Satay Romana turned out to be one of my favorites.

Barbecue chicken with traditional sweet-savory peanut sauce and pickled vegetables. I'm not a super huge fan of peanut sauce, so I appreciated that this one wasn't drowning in it. You can still taste the different flavors as well as enjoy the different textures from the chicken, cheese, and vegetables. Not bad for Php 495 (it's the cheapest among the five).

Next we have the Peking Duck Romana (P590). I know, I know, we really went all out on this. And honestly? I'm glad we did. Each flavor stood out on their own, none tasted like the other. And best part, we all got to bring home some! Haha!

Crispy thin crust topped with house-roasted Peking-style duck and hoisin sauce - a must try!

My other favorite is this - the Chilli Crab Romana (P590). This is made up off Pizza Express' house sweet chilli sauce, crab meat, and mantou croutons on Romana base. Here you'll find a combination of real crab meat chunks and crab meat sticks (similar to the one you find at the frozen section of the grocery store). Though if there's one thing I could live without, it'll probably be the mantou croutons. Wasn't sure why they were there since they didn't really add value to the pizza, but it's not a big deal. Note: the Chilli Crab Romana is spicy, so eat at your own risk!

Finally, we have the Rendang Classic (P590). Compared to the others, this was different in terms of size and the base, since they used their classic base for this one (thicker versus the Romana, which is stretched more hence thinner). I'm not sure what the reason for this is, but maybe it's because the rendang has a lot of sauce in it? Maybe? Anyhoo, if you're looking to try it out, it's basically braised beef with spices, chili, and coconut milk. Nothing you've ever tried before, I'm sure. ;)

Don't forget to top it all off with dessert. We had the Eton Mess Jar which is fresh strawberries and raspberries folded into fresh whipped cream and pastry cream (super fluffy!!) and topped with crunchy cashew meringue and finished with toasted pistachio nuts. 

We also made sure to try the Coffee Panna Cotta which is co-crafted with Type A. Only available until July 14, 2019!
The vanilla panna cotta is to die for!! Then that damn good cold brew coffee syrup topped with walnut crumble. I think I'm coming back for this one soon.

Visit Pizza Express at the main building of SM North Edsa (right beside Marugame Udon).
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