Friday, May 3, 2019

Kureji: House of Sizzling Ramen

Kureji opens new branch in Malakas Street, Quezon City!

Kureji remains to be one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, all the more now that they have such a cool branch at Malakas Street near Maginhawa. It doesn't seem like a lot of people know about this place, but you know what, it's your loss, guys. YOU ARE MISSING OUT!
I was so happy when I heard that Kureji opened a new branch, because it meant I no longer had to go to Vertis North to get my sizzling ramen fix (they're really the only reason why Tim and I go there haha). Kureji also has branches in Pasig and Mandaluyong but they're already far from where I live. 

This new branch is a house-turned-restaurant. You'll probably notice it from the details. I mean, those grills, right? Kureji also retained some of the rooms and turned them into function rooms to cater to private events like birthdays and what not.

I come here mainly for three things: their Salt and Vinegar Wings, their Gyoza, and the Sizzling Tomato Seafood Ramen. I don't even have to look at the menu when I step inside their restaurant because I already know what I want to order beforehand. :))

For the wings, they have three kinds: Salt & Vinegar (again, my favorite!), Sriracha, and Soy Garlic Yuzu. 
The Gyoza is a staple. Tim and I have to have gyoza whenever we come here. I'm such a gyoza monster and I've noticed that he's become one as well.
The first two appetizers I mentioned are dishes I've tried before (you can read about my first time at Kureji here), but I think the Fresh Tuna Tataki Taco is a pretty new dish.
This one has fresh tuna, avocado, tuna sauce, and sesame seeds and is served with nori tempura and salsa on the side. Not bad for Php 320. It's kind of like a poke bowl except they replaced the rice with nori. I'd order this again.

They also have tempura now - get it mixed or make it all prawn. Personally, I would go for the Mixed Tempura because I enjoy the assortment of prawns, kisu, softshell crab, eggplant, sweet potatoes, and squash. Both are priced at Php 490.
In photo: Mixed Tempura

Another new dish I tried was their Kamameshi Rice. I had just come from Kamameshi House a few days prior, so I was able to compare both offerings. Kureji's version is definitely more flavorful and has a better ingredient to rice ratio. They have Chicken Teriyaki (P320), Mushroom & Pumpkin (P350), and Coconut Prawn (P460). 
And since they were celebrating their first anniversary at the time, they released something new - the Cheese Ramen!
It was very cheesy and creamy, almost like eating sopas or soupy carbonara, but not really? 

If you want a less soupy version, go for the Sizzling Carbonara Udon instead! I loved everything about this one - the shimeji mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, bacon, cream, and fresh yolk. It's really a Japanese twist to the Italian favorite.
I saved the best for last.. my ultimate Kureji favorite - the Sizzling Tomato Seafood Ramen. For Php 420, you get a huge bowl of noodles with squid, salmon, shrimp, kani, kimchi, beansprouts, ginger, and chili paste in tomato seafood broth. Don't worry, it's not too spicy, but I'd still suggest having tissue on standby in case your nose starts to get runny. It's happened to me before, but it never stopped me from finishing the entire bowl. The best part about Kureji? They offer unlimited broth on all their sizzling ramen, so you can slurp the night away! 
Oh, and if you're looking for something refreshing to top it all off, I'd suggest their Honey Citrus Soda. It's so good. I don't normally order drinks at restaurants, but this one, I can't get enough of.

See you again soon, Kureji and a huge congratulations on the new branch! Visit them at 78 Malakas Street, Diliman, Quezon City ;)
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