Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Dropship Clothes: April Haul

Cheapest clothes online!

Last month, I ordered a box full of clothes from Dropship Clothes. If you're looking to buy some cheap clothes online, I swear, they're the place to visit! Everything I ordered from their website was under $10 and to be honest, the quality wasn't bad at all. There were one or two items that I didn't like, but that's not bad considering I got nine items. Right? Well, I think so. Plus, they're true to size so most of the items fit me well, and I'm super happy about that.

Let's start off with the stuff I didn't like. Item #1 is this Wine Butterfly Sleeve Top with Tasseled Ties ($2.42).

First of all, it isn't wine, it's red. Secondly, I wish it didn't have the tassels on the side because it just made it look confusing and lousy in my opinion. Not a huge fan of this one and I think it was a little loose on me? But I guess that's my fault since I ordered it in medium (US 8-10) while majority of the items I got were small.

Item #2 is this Red Sheer Floral Sleeve Swing Dress ($7.59).

It was okay, it fit me right but the lace detail on the sleeves felt tacky and was actually quite itchy to wear. In the rightmost photo, I tried folding the sleeves up to my elbow and it looked so much nicer. I'll probably have this altered before wearing it to an event.

Item #3 is this Brown Embroidery Knit Top ($6.79) which my mom likes to call my Pocahontas top.

It's just a simple everyday top with cute details on the neck and sleeves, perfect for days when I need to go to the grocery or do some errands.

Item #4 is a Rusty Button Down V Neck Chunky Linen Top ($6.67).

The photo on the website looked more brown than red orange, but I don't mind it. I really like this color and the shoulder detail on this one. It has that cropped top style but I see myself pairing this with high waist pants or shorts so that'll work. ;)

Item #5 is one of my favorites - Apricot Ginger Lily Floral Wrap Tie Waist Long Sleeve Blouse ($6.88).
I love that this one gives me shape without being too fitted and I can easily wear it in events (paired with pants of course). To be honest, I wouldn't mind getting this in other colors as well (they also have it in black and blue). Oh and if you're wondering, this one is in a size large.

Item #6 is another item I really liked, the Long Sleeve White Floral Chiffon Blouse

I wasn't sure about the print at first, but after trying it on, I fell in love with it. It's one of the more expensive items in this haul (priced at $8.03) but still not bad, right?

Item #7 is a beautiful Indigo Blue Floral Print V Neck Chiffon Dress priced at $9.18.

It's the type of the dress one would wear to the beach and I so love the color! It's really light and airy too, plus it comes in five different designs, so I might just order the yellow one soon.

Item #8 is the Blue Floral Pattern Ruffle Hem Chiffon Dress ($9.18)

If you're someone who's into dresses, Dropship Clothes is a good place to do your online shopping because they have a ton of options. To be honest, the only downside about this website is they charge a hefty shipping fee. If I remember correctly, I think I got charged $37 for them to send it to the Philippines, plus I had to pick it up in the post office in Pasay and shell out an additional Php 112! Medyo magastos but when I think about it, I'd like to believe that I still got a good deal on the items, so that's still not bad.

Item #9 is an item that I don't think I'll ever use in the Philippines, but I still got it for travel purposes. It's just a Brown Cozy Chunky Knit Tassel Scarf ($5.52).

I know it really looks stupid with shorts but it's crazy hot here in the Philippines and I didn't want to have to change again just for this. The quality isn't bad and the color's nice so you can easily pair it with whatever clothes you have on. But at this price, you might as well go for another blouse or something. 

P.S. They have a Big Sale ongoing so I suggest checking it out, guys :)
P.P.S. Would I recommend Dropship Clothes? Heck yes! There are thousands of clothes to find on their website so they're definitely something for everyone. Have fun shopping!
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