Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Soru Izakaya, BGC

Paying Soru Izakaya at Burgos Circle a visit!

Already on its second branch, Soru Izakaya is one of the must-visit Japanese pubs in BGC. It's a place that's perfect for barkadas, after-work hangouts with officemates, and even families looking to try something new. 
It was perfect timing when Zomato invited me for a foodie meet-up here, since it was also the week that I was staying at BGC! Normally, BGC would be a two-hour drive from my house, but that afternoon, all it took was a fifteen-minute walk. I walked to Burgos Circle (and saved so much time), guys!! I love BGC!
Visually, Soru Izakaya was inspired by the whimsical art style of bishoujo (pretty girl) manga, traditional Japanese art, the wild and colorful Tokyo night life, and the new wave of speakeasy cocktail bars. Soru Izakaya brings forth the taste of the new Nippon, a modern after-work gastropub, imbued with a traditional menu of our favorite Japanese eats, with a dash of contemporary flavor.

What to try:

Poke Bowl (P290)
tuna and salmon cubes with cucumber, mango, onions, and lettuce dressed in Sriracha mayo and mango sauce

Spicy Maguro Salad (P290)
tuna sashimi cubes and tempura flakes dressed in spicy Japanese mayo and miso topped with black tobiko over fresh salad greens

Aburi Moriawase (P480)
combination platter of selected aburi: shake, maguro, saba, horse mackarel, and tako

Lava Maki (P380)
salmon skin and tamago topped with salmon and tuna cubes in spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce

Avocado Maki (P480)
unagi tempura, cream cheese, mangoes, and avocado with avocado sauce topped with ebiko

Udon Carbonara (P320)
thick wheat noodles with uni, salmon, and shitake mushroom in wasabi cream sauce topped with ebiko and parmesan cheese

Cold Soba

buckwheat noodles over soft tofu served with enoki and ebi tempura in light soba sauce

Tempura Dai
a Japanese dish of battered and deep-fried prawns

Wagyu Steak
iron-grilled wagyu steak with grilled vegetables

layered coffee fingers, cream cheese frosting, cocoa powder, ganache, blueberry and mint leaves

Matcha Cheesecake
layered matcha and white chocolate cheesecake with buttered grahams and matcha powder

Rising Sun Takoyaki
white and red velvet batter, cream cheese, ganache, peanuts, marshmallows, diced peach, and strawberry
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to taste most of the dishes they served us that day (this wasn't even everything) but I am planning to return soon to try out more of their offerings. Soru Izakaya is one modern Japanese restaurant you have to visit, especially if you're sick of the usual sashimi and maki rolls and what not. Check them out soon, yeah?
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