Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Yoshimeatsu, Tomas Morato

The newest unlimited yakiniku restaurant to hit this side of the metro!

Eat-all-you-can restaurants have been popping up left and right and it's pretty crazy how obsessed people are with them. I get it, I mean, what's not to like? Unlimited samgyupsal/yakiniku for a fixed price and for some restaurants, no time limit! But even though these restaurants are all offering unlimited meats, they still have differences - price, service, quality of meats, etc. 
Yoshi-Meat-Su recently opened its doors at Tomas Morato and it's currently one of my favorites. They're still pretty new, so when Mark, Cess, and I visited them, there weren't a lot of people yet. I don't think that's the case anymore though. You might need to line up, especially if you're visiting them for dinner.

Yoshi-Meat-Su is a two-storey yakiniku restaurant that offers not only unlimited meats, but tempura, maki rolls, sausages, pork intestines, chicken liver, tofu, and cheese rolls as well! And the price? Php549 any time of the day! #YEAHKiniku indeed! 
Are you ready? To start, we had some of their tempura. I thought it was legit - it's definitely not the type of tempura that's mostly breading. There's real shrimp in this, people!! 
As I mentioned, they also serve maki here, but I limited myself to eating just one of each, since I wanted to have enough space for the meats. 
Their Buta Dumplings were really good too. At first we weren't sure what it was since it was drowning in sauce, but damnn. Sulit!
Here's the full menu for reference:
The items under Premium Grilling aren't included in the unlimited promo.
What's included are the following: Sliced Beef, Sliced Beef in Curry Sauce, Spicy Beef Yakiniku, Sliced US Fatty Beef Yakiniku, Herbed Pork, Spicy Sliced Pork Bouquet, Pork Intestine, Yangnyeom Galbi, Chicken Liver, Chicken Yakitori, Sakura Tofu, Wiener Sausages, and Seafood Cheese Ball (plus of course, all 16 side dishes).

One of the best things about this is the unlimited CHEESE!!

I highly recommend the galbi and the sliced beef with curry! 
End your meal on a sweet note as they have soft serve Hershey's ice cream here too! 
Yoshi-Meat-Su is located at Tomas Morato Avenue Corner Scout Fernandez Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City.
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