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A Filipino Eatery: Takaw!

Visiting Chef Tatung’s newest baby, Takaw!

Takaw! is this Filipino Eatery that Chef Myke "Tatung" Sarthou opened in Greenhills. Chef Tatung is an award-winning chef and author, so it's safe to say that Takaw is place worth visiting especially if you’re looking for classic Filipino dishes that you grew up with. Why not just have them at home, you ask? Well, let’s face it, there are days when we don’t feel like eating at home or preparing an entire meal for the family. Sometimes we want to walk around malls and see what’s new. The same goes for restaurants - we want to eat out and enjoy a different ambiance.. plus, it’s not like they taste exactly the same, right?
We got to dine with Chef Tatung himself and I thought it was pretty funny when he told us he came up with the names for Takaw’s dishes. "Escabetcha By Golly Wow" is Eskabetcheng Tilapia, "Talong and Winding Road” is Tortang Talong, "Bulalove Me Like You Do" is Bulalo, and "Rellenado in the Deep" is Camaron Rellenado! Great Chef na, funny pa!! The menu will certainly keep anyone entertained while waiting for their food to arrive.
During our visit, we tried a total of nine dishes starting with the "Fresh Na Fresh, Bes!”

Fresh Na Fresh, Bes! / Lumpiang Sariwa (P190)
say goodbye to Stress Drilon and say hello to a fresh new you with Takaw's lumpiang sariwa, siksik sa sautéed vegetables at sweet-garlic sauce
I’ve always loved all sorts of lumpia, especially lumpiang sariwa and lumpiang gulay. Takaw’s take on it may be a bit on the pricey side but it’s definitely worth a try.

Escabetcha By Golly Wow / Escabecheng Tilapia (P400)
baka pati si Prince mabuhay dahil sa sarap ng crispy fried tilapia with sweet and sour sauce
Never was a fan of fish - in fact, I normally skip it. But the fact that their tilapia came with sweet and sour sauce made it more appealing for me. I was surprised with the flavor since we usually have tilapia with soy sauce at home, so this was a welcome change from my usual.

Kaldereta ni Lolo / Kalderetang Antigo (P380)
old school beef kaldereta with lots of cheese - an old cherished recipe
CHEESE!! I’ve always been partial to anything with cheese in it, and I really liked that the beef in this one was tender. Super swak with rice!

I Love You, Pangga / Chicken Pianggang (P350)
find the love na matagal mo nang hinahanap with this classic chicken dish from Mindanao made with blackened coconut curry
This isn’t the first time I’ve had pianggang. I thought the sauce needed more flavor, so overall, this was just okay for me.

Pata Don’t Preach / Crispy Pata (Special - P680 / Regular - P550)
may tama itong pata na ito, ‘di lang crispy, spicy pa at loaded ng fried garlic. Truth be told di siya guilt-free, pero must-order talaga when #TheGutomIsReal! Don’t panic, may regular version din.
The skin remained crispy even though we didn’t get to eat this immediately (photos always come first :P). I like the fact that they made this one spicy and topped it with tons of fried garlic - it just made it all the more appetizing for me. I’m not a huge fan of crispy pata, to be honest, but I really enjoyed this one.

I Caught You Laing / Laing (P160)
“Gata” have it talaga itong laing with crispy dilis na mas masarap pa sa ex mong nagsinungaling sayo
Takaw’s laing is a winner! My friends who promised to lay off rice gave up once they had a taste of this one. I, on the other hand, was determined to lay off the carb and fully enjoy the laing, so I had a couple of spoonfuls - no rice! :D

Kare Pa ‘Teh? / Kare-Kare (P320)
“Kare na Kare” kahit anong challenge basta matikman itong classic kare-kare with tripe tail, tripe, and brisket in our savory sauce made of ground rice and peanuts
The bagoong and sauce go together perfectly! If you’re fan of tripe, you’ll be glad this one has huge servings of it!

Nagbabagang Manok / Sizzling Spicy Barbecue Chicken (P380)
half a chicken served on a sizzling plate drenched with their special spicy barbecue sauce
Something new - sizzling. spicy. barbecue. chicken. I feel like this combines different favorites into one. I mean, barbecue chicken is delicious enough, but to serve it sizzling and with extra spice? Damn. Sarap.

Hipon Na, Utak Talangka Pa / Sizzling Gambas (P380)
minsan being a hipon is a good thing, have you ever tried hipon na ginisa sa utak ng baboy at taba ng talangka? Now you can.
Probably the most sinful plate of gambas you’ll ever find in the market.

Turones de Laguna / Buko Pie Turon (P80)
crispy turon filled with shreds of fresh buko meat and sweet custard, may kasama pang latik dip
I wasn’t expecting much with this one since I’m not big on buko pie, but the elements go really well together, especially with the latik dip! It definitely makes all the difference.

Cas-save The Best For Last / Cassava Bibingka (P130)
ito ang pinoy dessert combo na matagal mo nang inaasam: rich cassava cake with a creamy, torched topping to give that smokey bibingka taste. Also served with sweet corn custard sauce
Was already crazy full by the time this came out, but I’m super glad I still gave it a go. It’s a lot like the one from Empacho (which is my ultimate favorite) so I would recommend saving room for dessert. Tutal, MaTAKAW ka naman diba? :P

Chef Tatung also came out with his own versions of Quezo de Bola, Chocnut, and Kamote Q ice cream!
Thank you, Chef Tatung, for the invite, and congratulations on your new restaurant! :)  #TheGutomIsReal #TakawwwNation

Takaw! is located at the ground floor, Theater Mall, Greenhills, San Juan City.
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