Saturday, December 8, 2018

Chachago Philippines: Now Open!!

Welcoming Chachago to the Philippines! 

Love tea? Well, you'll be glad to know that the best bubble tea from Taiwan is now in the Philippines! And it's located along Scout Tobias (corner Scout Gandia), just right beside Famous Kitchen!
Last December 5, my friends and I dropped by Chachago where they opened their doors for friends and guests to get a first taste of the best bubble tea in Taiwan! We were served a LOT of them - from their Purple Taro Milk, Pineapple Burst, Milk Tea with Pearl, Iced Coffee with Jelly, Lychee Tea with Pearls, and more.

We had just come from a heavy lunch at Ceviche, so we were only expecting to taste a couple of drinks. But I'm really glad the owners were super accommodating and gave us options, because I found out how yummy their Matcha with Ice Cream is. Normally, I wouldn't go for anything with matcha, but this one's really good!
Another drink that won my heart is the Lychee Tea with Pearls! It is super refreshing, perfect after a long day of doing errands and walking under the sun!

This is just a preview of what Chachago has to offer. Although as of December 7, 2018, they've officially opened to the public (with a Buy 1 Get 1 promo, too!) If you missed it, don't worry, because you're still getting your money's worth at full price!

Also, compared to other tea places, Chachago has its own stand-alone store so you don't have to go to malls just to get your tea fix! Watch out as they'll be opening more stores in the next few months!

Oh, and in case you get hungry, they're slowly adding food on the menu - so far, they have bite-sized chicken chops and Taiwanese sausages (which is always a hit!)

I seriously envy those who live along Scout Tobias.. tatawid ka nalang, bes!!
Chachago has branches in Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Macau, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia. Australia, Canada, and now, the Philippines! Congratulations!! :)
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