Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Golden Goose at Lung Hin

Authentic Hong Kong flavours come alive with the premium roast goose beginning November 12 at Lung Hin, Marco Polo Manila!

If you're looking for a good reason to splurge at Lung Hin, well here it is: the Golden Goose is back!! Guests can once again enjoy golden goose prepared by guest Chef Billy Cheong who returns to the award-winning restaurant to share his expertise with the prized culinary staple!
Dining guests will be regaled by the culinary creations of Chef Billy and the expert chefs of Lung Hin, as the premium roast goose will be available for a la carte orders. A set menu is also available with a line-up of other authentic dishes such as Steamed Garoupa with Minced Garlic and Pan-Fried Crab with Pork Belly in Supreme Soy Sauce, and Braised Seafood with Peach Gel Soup.

Prices for the Hong Kong Roasted Goose are as follows:
Small: Php 1,860 ++ | Half: Php 3,388 ++ | Whole: Php 6,488 ++
Considered as a fine dining must in Hong Kong, roasted goose requires a special culinary technique that preserves its flavourful flesh and crispy skin. With guest Chef Billy Cheong, this traditional dish has been a specialty of his family for centuries. His passion and love for Cantonese cuisine stems from having been born to a family of connoisseurs in their home province of Guangdong. Having relatives who are also master chefs, Chef Billy was able to gain numerous international awards for his skills. He has recently recovered all that was lost in an over one century old traditional roast goose formula from his grandfather.
A few days ago, I got to enjoy the Hong Kong Roasted Goose Set Menu priced at Php 12,500 for a minimum of 5 persons. Here's what you can expect: 

Steamed Vegetarian Pink Dumplings, Steamed Pork Siu Mai with Truffle Sauce

I was surprised at how delicious the vegetable dumplings were! I wanted to save mine until the end of the meal but the waiter wanted to change my plate so... :( I'd totally come back to Lung Hin just for these!!

Hong Kong Roasted Goose

SO GOOD!! This made me miss Hong Kong so, so much! My favorite place to have goose there is Yat Lok. I'm so glad that I don't have to go to Hong Kong anytime soon since they have it at Lung Hin! 

Braised Seafood with Peach Gel Soup

It tasted pretty normal until we mixed in some black vinegar. The peach jelly was a nice touch too since it added texture different from the seafood.

Steamed Garoupa with Shredded Pork and Dried Mandarin Orange Peel in Black Bean Sauce

Not a huge fan of fish, but the boys didn't have a hard time finishing this one. Best to eat this while it's still warm and with lots of sauce!

Pan-fried Crab with Pork Belly in Supreme Soy Sauce

Being that the crab was already dish number 5, I thought we wouldn't be able to finish it. I guess I shouldn't have underestimated the three big guys I was dining with that afternoon (Eugene, Inky, and Spanky) haha. They were super sweet to give me one of the claws though. And yes, I used my hands to eat this. Everything was super yummy including the pork belly!

Wok-Fried Diced Chicken with Mixed Vegetables Homemade Style

This is totally something my mom would make at home. I love how they mixed together chicken and vegetables, though I'm not sure if this counts as diced chicken? It was more like chicken strips to me.. Anyway, this had a hint of spice to it which made me want rice.. Good thing they were serving fried rice next!

Fried Rice with Diced Shrimps, Wild Rice, Sweet Corn, and Diced Mushroom

Chilled Mango and Coconuts Jelly

This was one of the best mango desserts I've ever tried! It's really good and wasn't sweet (nor sour) at all! I love that they served it chilled, I imagine it wouldn't taste as good when it's room temp. Chef Billy talked about how important dessert is to most girls, and he's right. It definitely sealed the deal for me, officially making it a meal to remember! Thank you, Lung Hin!! :)

Taste the difference of true tradition in Lung Hin this season beginning 12 November. To know more about Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, visit Follow the Hotel in Facebook at or @MarcoPoloManila on Twitter or Instagram.
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