Monday, November 5, 2018

Stories by LilyPad

A hidden gem in West Triangle, Quezon City!

If you're familiar with Dulcelin and their amazing Mango Torte, here's another place you should visit at West Triangle - Stories by LilyPad! 
Stories by LilyPad has such a beautiful story to it and I’m glad to have been able to know more about it through this article on Mega Magazine. There, Angel Tongco, owner of Stories by LilyPad, talked about how their home was a place of gathering. And that her grandparents, her father, and uncle, "used their own hands to build the house, often making wooden furniture and finishes themselves." So when her grandparents passed away and they moved to smaller homes, she decided to preserve the house and continue the legacy that they started, and continue filling the home with laughter and fellowship, not only of their family, but other people as well.

I also love how the mug fountain has its own story to tell. “It’s a big mug with smaller mugs around it. The concept is from the verse, 'My cup overflows’ (Psalms 23:5).” ANG GANDA, DIBA? It’s such a creative way to show how they know how blessed they are, and the fact that the mugs displayed there come from different people - family and friends - who’ve helped made Stories what it is today.

Since Stories is a house-turned-restaurant, it has that very homey, cozy vibe that one would expect. During our visit, most of the guests there were females, friends catching up and Titas on their weekly meet-ups. Haha. I absolutely love it. I'm so glad that we have a place like this in Quezon City because I wouldn't mind getting stuck here the entire day (I just wish they had Wi-Fi hehe) 
But Wi-Fi or not, Stories by LilyPad is definitely a place worth visiting because of both its ambiance and the amazing food! My friends and I dropped by one time and had a blast sharing stories and trying out their bestsellers!
Photos from The Pickiest Eater

To start, we had their Create-Your-Own Platter where you can customize the breads, spreads, mains, and eggs in your meal.

We went with Pancake with Nutella (bread), skipped the spread, Crispy Bacon (main), and Sausage and Veggies Omelette (egg). Total cost of this meal? Php 335. Not bad, right? There are many other things you can choose from - like crostini, french toast, hungarian sausage, spam, corned beef hash, scrambled or 3-cheese egg. I’d compute the total possible combinations, but to be honest, I almost failed that class in college. HAHA.

Next, we had was the Fish ’N’ Chips (P280). I really enjoyed this one. The fish was crunchy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. But what really pulls this whole thing together is the sauce. I’m not exactly sure what it’s called, but it’s hella good. We even had to ask for a refill. Twice. :P

For the rice meals, we had three - their Godo Fried Chicken (P298), Beef Tapa (P248) and JaKoThai Rice (P310).

Godo Fried Chicken

Beef Tapa

JaKoThai Rice

 While the Godo Fried Chicken and Beef Tapa are classics that shouldn’t be missed (damn that chicken skin was good), the JaKoThai rice is a dish that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. It’s a combination of Japanese, Korean, and Thai flavors and ingredients, which I have no clue how they came up with, but it all worked together somehow. I really liked that the dish had a bit of kick to it from the Thai spices and kimchi mixed in it. The beef strips itself was really flavorful as well.

Overall, it’s a dish I’d highly recommend. My family and I actually went to eat here a week later and ordered pretty much the same dishes and my parents were really happy with the quality and the flavors in each dish, this one included!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup (P310)

When I first saw their menu, the Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup was something I knew I had to try. I’ve been in love with Borough’s version for so long now, and having an alternative in Quezon City would just be the icing on top of my cake. And you know what, this was really good too! It’s not exactly the same (I wish they served more soup, and with a thicker consistency), but together, the sandwich and soup complemented each other. Don’t tell anyone, but I sneaked in a couple of spoonfuls of the soup when no one was looking. Heh.

For the pasta, I thought both dishes we tried were unique - stuff I’ve never tasted anywhere else. I seriously cannot believe how lucky I am that a place like Stories opened near (okay, semi-near) my place!

For one, that Grilled Chicken and Lime Pesto (P350) was out of this world. If you’re a sucker for pesto like I am and at the same time enjoys everything with a bit of lime and sourness to it (also me), then you’ll certainly love this one too! Super sarap, promise!! It’s not as heavy since the noodles aren’t drowning in pesto and the lime kind of makes it lighter for some reason.

And since I was already super happy with the pesto (and just couldn't imagine anything that would make me even happier at that very moment), I had planned on ignoring the Sausage and Garlic Pasta (P290). But boy, I was so glad Richie kept raving about it, so I eventually tried it! Masarap din pala siya!! I thought it’d be carbonara with bits of sausage in there, but I was totally off on the flavors chart! It had a more giniling vibe to it, like ground meat and tons of garlic. Sarap!

But if you’re planning to just visit Stories by LilyPad for a quick snack or dessert run, you’ll be glad to know they’ve got you covered. They have a whole range of drinks - from coffee, blended coffee-based drinks and even non-coffee based ones like Strawberry Banana, Matcha Cheesecake, and Cookies 'N' Cream. Personally, I ordered their Java Jelly and it was so good!! It reminded me of Starbucks’ coffee jelly, which is my ultimate favorite drink there. So thumbs up for that! They also have their own version of Milo Dinosaur which kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy.

Don’t skip dessert because they have a great selection as well. I highly recommend their Dark Chocolate Ganache or Triple Chocolate Cheesecake.. actually, even their plain Cheesecake is delicious!

I'm so glad I discovered Stories by LilyPad! Will definitely see you guys again soon! ;)
Stories by LilyPad is located at 46 Times Street, West Triangle, Quezon City.
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