Saturday, November 17, 2018

Say Goodbye to Plucking with Hey Sugar!

Say goodbye to plucking with Hey Sugar!

A long time ago, the only options for removing unwanted hair were shaving and plucking. Personally, I used to think that plucking was the way to go since it took longer for the hair to grow back. I still had to do it often though, but definitely not as often as shaving.

Some years later, waxing salons started becoming more popular. I tried it for a while but I found it painful - the hot wax pulls both skin and hair - so eventually, I went back to plucking. It didn't matter that it took a long time to pluck each strand, I still preferred it over shaving (which can cause ingrown hair and razor bumps) and waxing (a.k.a. torture!)

The moment I discovered Hey Sugar, everything changed. Hey Sugar follows a technique called sugaring which makes use of natural ingredients. Aside from that, they have this gentle way of removing hair that’s as effective as waxing, minus the pain. I used to only have my underarm hair removed, but since learning about Hey Sugar, I've added leg hair to the list as well. It can take longer compared to waxing, but to tell you the truth, I actually find visiting Hey Sugar quite relaxing. Sometimes, I even fall asleep during the service. Haha. But the best part here is this: sugaring doesn't irritate your skin since it's basically all organic. So that's definitely one less thing to worry about. ;)
If you head to Hey Sugar, you get expert service and discretion that only they can deliver. Give it a try and see for yourself. Sugaring is almost like grooming and pampering combined and Hey Sugar is here to make sure that you no longer have to settle for plucking unwanted hair ever again! 
P.S. National Hair Day is coming up and Hey Sugar! is giving away tickets for free underarm waxing or eyebrow threading on November 27, 11am to 3pm, so make sure to follow and like their social media pages to find out the mechanics! 
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