Thursday, August 23, 2018

Redefine Yourself with Vivere Salon

A campaign that inspires people not to change who they are, but rather to become the better versions of themselves!

A few days ago, the R2 Group of Companies invited bloggers for an entire day of pampering at Uptown Mall. We visited four of their establishments that day including Hey Sugar, Nailaholics, Happy Brows, and of course, Vivere Salon. 
It's so awesome how they're just beside each other so you don't have to go far for that much needed me time. My first stop? Happy Brows. To be honest, I don't really get my brows done as often as I should, so I was really glad to have gotten the chance to do so at Happy Brows.

Happy Brows
As a lot of women nowadays talk about how kilay is life. Happy Brows believes the same, even going as far as saying that our brows can speak volumes about us. A subtle arch can reflect your inner mental landscape. A simple furrow can express emotional turmoil... Confusion, surprise, happiness, hostility, interest, joy, playfulness, anger - your eyebrows can say it all. Makes sense, right?
Add this to the fact that expertly shaped brows can flatter your face shape as well as accentuate your facial features - that's why Happy Brows is putting a lot of focus not just on creating brows that perfectly frame your face; they're doing so with an understanding of the truth that brows can communicate. 
"Happy Brows began the Speak With It campaign to put a lot of focus on just how important our brows are. Brows are the ultimate truth-tellers and it can speak volumes about who you are, what you're thinking and how you feel," explains Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head.
Though it may have been a while since my last eyebrow threading, I still remember how painful it can get. Ms. Hazel did a great job because I was super relaxed during my session. She had light hands and to my delight, was very attentive with my needs, making sure I was comfortable and happy with the output. And you know what? I was. It looks so much better (and even) now, especially with the help of an eyebrow pencil.


I've been going to Nailaholics since 2017. I've visited a number of their branches - the most recent was Ayala Cloverleaf in Balintawak which I wrote about here. I absolutely love their interiors, most especially at their Uptown Mall branch! It's not as beach-y compared to the others, but has a more homey and cozier vibe instead.

I had my usual manicure and pedicure, but this time, with a special Epsom salt upgrade. What is epsom salt, you ask? Well, it is a natural remedy known for its ability to gently, but effectively exfoliate dead skin. It can easily flush out toxins and relax tired and aching muscles at the same time. The magnesium in Epsom salt is known to give your body a boost of energy to combat irritability and restlessness. It's a great treat for sore joints, and is a go-to for soothing and reenergizing dull skin.

Fun fact - the feet actually have the largest pores in the body. This is why Nailaholics wants to focus on our feet to help us relax, ease tension, and stress, as well as release toxins with a warm and relaxing Epsom salt foot soak. And just for an additional Php 90, you can choose to upgrade your favorite foot spa service and enjoy all the health and beauty benefits that Epsom salts have to offer.

But if you'd rather bring all the benefits of Epsom salt back home, each pack is available over-the-counter for only Php 250. Simply add half a cup in a basin of warm water for a foot soak or add it into your tub for a hot bath.

I think my entire visit took two hours since they only assigned one nail technician for me while others had two for their hands and feet. But I really appreciated how Ms. Maricel kept making conversation to help pass the time. She was also very OC with her work, so despite the long waiting time, I was just happy to leave Nailaholics with clean and perfectly colored nails.

Vivere Salon

Few things in life make as much of an aesthetic impact the way hair does. A daring new color may signify a massive life change; subtle highlights may imply renewed dedication to self-care. A drastic new haircut can signify a major shift in your life, while a simple but nuanced trim speaks of your desire for a change.

Quite simply, when you want to turn the page to a new chapter in your life, you usually start with your head. Your hair stands as a metaphor for all the things that you want to let go of and your new 'do represents the optimism that we have for the future. 

When I stepped inside Vivere Salon, I told my stylist, Lyndon, that I was torn between getting my hair colored or availing a keratin treatment. On one hand, changing my hair color would be great since my previous color has already faded. BUT my hair was already dry as is - coloring it would only make it even weaker and more dry. At first, Lyndon suggested that I go back to black, but after telling him that I was getting married next year, he recommended that I get a keratin treatment instead. And so, that's what I did.

According to Vivere Salon's website, Keratin Complex can restore the natural fullness and health of your hair. Aside from that, it will lessen the buhaghag, which I think is perfect for me since I tend to have a lot of falling hair (another issue that needs to be fixed ASAP huhu)

"Your hairstyle will say a lot about you. There is a tangible, very obvious link, that shows how character, mood, and individuality are communicated through your hair. Hair is so closely tied to your identity. That's why redefining yourself is usually most apparent with your hair," explains Amaro.

This is perhaps what makes Vivere Salon stand out from others - this understanding of the true significance of what hair can do to make the change you need in your life. A simple change in your hairstyle gives you the opportunity to be more carefree, if you so wish. it can give you a boost of confidence when you need it most. You can choose a style that lets you be more mysterious, or opt for one that shows your daring side. No matter what it is, the bottom line is, when you change your hairstyle, cut your hair, or change your color, youre' saying to the world - "this is me."

I'm super happy with how my hair is now - it's not as straight as it looks though, it's only super straight in the photos since they had to iron it for the hair absorb the treatment. But it's definitely softer and feels healthier, too! Will wait a few weeks until I color it again :) Thanks, Vivere and Sir Lyndon, for taking care of my locks!

Hey Sugar!

Final stop for the day is Hey Sugar! It's where I normally get my eyebrow and legs waxed, but since I already had the former done at Happy Brows, I availed of their Full Leg service instead.

This took a while since Ms. Jhen had some difficulty making the hair stick to the wax due to the massage oil that was applied at Nailaholics. Oops. I admire how patient she was about the whole thing though, using wet wipes on my legs and reapplying powder as needed.

I don't have any photos to share of the session since I was really sleepy that time (in fact, I almost fell asleep while she was doing the back of my legs :P) For some reason, I find lying down on waxing beds really relaxing. Haha! Tell me I'm not alone in this! :))

P.S. Hey Sugar! has an ongoing promo! Get a chance to win an iPhone X on your next appointment! All you have to do is book your next appointment there - every service availed gets you a raffle stub. Fill it out and drop it in designated drop boxes at any Hey Sugar! branch. Hey Sugar! will then choose three winners who will bring home a 64GB iPhone X each! It's that easy, guys!! Promo runs between July 20 to October 20, 2018! :)
Thank you once again to the R2 Group of Companies for spoiling me silly! See you guys again soon! :)
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