Wednesday, August 1, 2018

National Museum of Natural History

Planning to visit the National Museum of Natural History soon? Here's what to expect!

Got to visit the National Museum of Natural History a few weeks ago when LG gifted them with the World's #1 OLED TV. We decided to head there early to explore since I've honestly never been and it's always cool to see and learn more about our history. Lucky for us, the event was held on a Monday - the one day the museum is closed to the public - so we pretty much had the place all to ourselves. 

The T.M. Kalaw entrance

 A bust of the Philippines' national hero - Dr. Jose P. Rizal

Lolong, the largest crocodile in captivity, died in 2013 and now rests at the National Museum.

View from the second floor balcony

Entrance to the Marine Life exhibit

Walk on this to create ripples and chase after fish! SO FUN!!

Whale shark!

Life-sized scuba diver! 


Mini Mangroves Exhibit

This one shows specimen that live among mangroves

.. like the Mangrove Crab and Long-Tailed Macaque

Different types of beaches

A camp site recreated

Butterflies of the Tropical Lowland Rainforest

The Tree of Life which leads up to the canopy-inspired ceiling

View from a different angle

Check them out soon, guys :) I heard the lines get pretty long so come early! P.S. The museum is free (no entrance fee!!)
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