Monday, August 20, 2018

Eco Hotel Philippines Opens Its First Zero-Waste Store!

Eco Hotel Philippines opens its first zero-waste store at Spaces by Eco Hotel in Makati!

Great news, #Ecowarriors! Eco Hotel Philippines just launched their first refilling station for household essentials last August 9, 2018. Bloggers were invited to Spaces by Eco Hotel in Makati to check out their pop-up and experience refilling their own bottles at the event.

As a green company, Eco Hotel wants to minimize single-use items like shampoo and lotion bottles by encouraging people to reuse them. They've created their own formulations of products like shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, and lotion and set up store right outside the hotel to push people to support a zero-waste lifestyle.

Eco Hotel Philippines is strongly passionate about conservation, preservation, and protection of our environment. They ensure that eco-friendly processes are implemented - from construction to their day-to-day operations. This is aligned with their advocacy of minimizing its impact on the environment while imparting practices of sustainability to their staff and guests.

I think this is something that all hotels should apply in their daily operations. Aside from encouraging guests to reuse their towels, they should also stop using small containers for their bath products and instead, switch to dispensers which they can just refill as needed. In places like Lio Tourism Estate in El Nido, Palawan, rooms have water in pitchers rather than in bottles to lessen waste. Some people might find this unsanitary or weird at first, but I think these are steps worth taking to help save the environment.

I commend Eco Hotel Philippines for promoting a package-free / zero-waste lifestyle. I'm honestly glad I finally found a use for the Muji bottle I bought from Japan last year. Get 250ml worth of products for only Php 99. As of now, they will only have pop-ups at Spaces, Cabins, and Containers every weekend. I'm hoping that demand increases so they can open every day. You may also visit their Eco Weekend Market every third weekend of the month in Containers, Tagaytay.

Their products may not be completely natural or organic, but they only have a minimal amount of alcohol in them and they smell really good, too! I brought home some lotion with me that day and have been using it since. As mindful consumers, we must find a way to help reduce waste. With this Bring-Your-Own-Bottle launch, Eco Hotel is hoping to start a small chain of change that could possible lead to a bigger impact in the future.

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