Thursday, July 26, 2018

Sabado de Fiesta, Samba at Shangri-La Fort

A once-a-month event you shouldn't miss! Catch Sabado de Fiesta at Samba, Shangri-La at the Fort!

I've been to Samba a couple of times before. I super love the vibe there, especially when I get to hang out at their al fresco area. Everything is just so chill, no matter the time or the weather, it's just really a good place to be at.

My first time at Samba was the most memorable - it was when they had just opened and Zomato invited some foodies to try out their bestsellers. But I also really enjoyed it when they had The KTG over for a preview of Chef Carlo Huerta Echegaray's special five-course meal for Christmas Eve. It's always fun to visit Samba and I just love how they always seem to have something new up their sleeves.

Say for example, this time around, they have the Sabado de Fiesta - a once-a-month celebration of all things Peruvian filled with live stations and an order-all-you-can menu for only Php 1,800 per person! It's a pretty great deal if you ask me, especially once you see what they're offering.

First up, they have live stations featuring a Ceviche and Tiradito Bar, a Taco Station, and warm bowls of Parihuela de Mariscos straight from the kitchen.

I'm telling you, do not miss the Ceviche and Tiradito Bar headed by Chef Carlo himself. Here you can enjoy a mix of their catch of the day, tuna, scallops, prawn, and salmon with aji limo, rocoto cream, aji amarillo, and lime.

If you're a huge fan of seafood, you will surely enjoy this one! I think I went back five times..  No kidding! I'm addicted to salmon and pretty much anything citrusy, so this alone has made me one happy diner. And there's so much more in store for you every last Saturday of the month for Sabado de Fiesta!!

Salmon ceviche


The Taco Station was a hit among diners as well. Here, you can customize your own tortilla with carnitas, frejoles churros, guacamole, salsa picante, garden greens, and jalapeño cheese. I chose not to have

It's not the easiest thing to eat (sauce dripping everywhere!!) but it's definitely worth every bite!
As I mentioned earlier, they also serve Parihuela de Mariscos - a Peruvian Bouillabaisse filled with seafood broth, aji panca, corn beer, and bell pepper. I didn't expect much from this one but I absolutely loved it!! Just check out all the seafood I was able to scoop up from my bowl (and that's not even all of it!)
Now for the mains:

The mains they serve for Sabado de Fiesta are meant to be enjoyed family style. I don't mind, I mean, being able to spend time with loved ones isn't something that should be taken for granted and I really believe that one of the best ways to do that is with food. 
Start with the Mixed Anticuchos or assorted skewers. Here, they have Anticucho de Corazon (beef heart), Choncholi de Pollo (grilled chicken), shiitake skewers, roasted veggies and potatoes, ocopa, and rocoto sauce. I know it doesn't look like a lot of people can share this, but what's great about Sabado de Fiesta is that everything is unlimited, including the mains. You can keep asking for more of whatever you like, just make sure to finish it. Let's not waste food, guys.

Pair it with rice or the Arroz a la Norteña.
The Arroz a la Norteña is perfect for those who have to have rice in every meal (like me. Hehe.) It's a mix of prawn, scallops, mussels, and chicha de jora (corn beer) on cilantro-based rice. It's something that can actually be eaten on its own, but I really enjoyed it with the Sudado de Mero or grouper fillet stew.

By now, you've probably noticed that most of the items they serve here are seafood, but here's one that meat lovers will surely enjoy - the Seco de Pato served with Arroz con Choclo a la Mantequilla de Coral (flavored rice)!
The Seco de Pato is juicy duck leg flavored with aji apanca, piquillo pepper, and frijoles de Chincha. This is actually another version of the Arroz con Pato that you can order from their menu for Php 850. It's quite a steal if you ask me. I mean, why order a Php 850 dish when you can eat-all-you-can at Sabado de Fiesta for only Php 1,800?? Am I right or am I right?

And not only that, you also get to enjoy an amazing dessert platter afterwards!!

Dulces Peruanos: Tres Leches, Buñuelos, Fruit Mosaic

I love, love, love sweets, so the moment I saw the Tres Leches, I knew I was going to like it. There was no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy the beautiful Genoise sponge soaked in three types of milk. What really surprised me was the Buñuelos. These are homemade fried pumpkin-flavored dough balls (mini donuts!!) dipped in a light sweet syrup and they are ABSOLUTELY DIVINE. I think I had five pieces of this and I don't regret it one bit!!  

With the Sabado de Fiesta fam! #TheKTG

This is one celebration you shouldn't miss! Head over to Samba at Shangri-La at the Fort this weekend for Sabado de Fiesta! Remember, it only happens every last Saturday of the month! ;)
Samba is located at the Eight Level of Shangri-La at the Fort, 30th Street corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
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