Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hello, Goodbites

It was a I-fell-in-love-at-first-bite kinda thing.

Last September, my friend, Niña Veronica Perez (name-dropping because that's what friends do. P.S. she's single hahahaha), introduced me to Hello, Goodbites by sending me photos of her double chocolate macadamia cookies and endlessly talking about how deliciously gooey they are. 

And since Niña isn't the type to rave about just anything, I absolutely knew I had to give these cookies a go.
 Hello, Goodbites
So I did, I ordered and received my cookies the following day via Grab Express. The cookies arrived warm, like they just came out of the oven. And turns out, they did! Each order is freshly baked and delivered right to your doorstep, so it's always best to eat them immediately (I mean, who doesn't like freshly baked cookies??)

But of course, before eating them, I made sure to take photos first (and sneak in a few bites in between hihi)
Hello, Goodbites
Here's everyone's favorite, Hello, Goodbites' Double Chocolate Cookies! These are the gooey chocolatey cookies that Niña kept talking about! They're at Php 310 per dozen, but if you're a fan of macadamias like I am, you can upgrade your cookies for an additional Php40! It comes out about Php30 per cookie, so it's still quite affordable! Definitely cheaper than the ones you find in the market now. 

Plus, nowadays, it has become difficult to find that classic chocolate chip cookie. Everyone's all about creating over-the-top flavors, and sometimes, you just want the good ol' chewy kind. Am I right or am I right?
Hello, Goodbites
Personally, I always try to support local and small businesses if I can. So when I heard about Hello Goodbites' owner Loren Calo's story, I wanted to help out even more!

According to Loren, it all started almost 10 years ago. She was in college then and found herself craving for a chewy chocolate chip cookie. "The best option back then was Mrs. Fields, but it was too expensive for a student's budget... and also I found it too sweet. So I googled for a recipe and then made it my own by tweaking it to my preference. People around me started liking it.."

But it wasn't about the money. She'd just make them when she's craving cookies or in the mood to bake, then she'd share them with her colleagues. Of course, she got positive feedback and her friends would even ask if they could order from her. She spent 9 years in the corporate world until she decided to quit her job and take the leap.
Hello, Goodbites
"I feel like I make desserts that I don't find in the market.. I haven't had a cookie na not super sweet. For me kasi a cookie shouldn't be super sweet. It should taste like all the ingredients: buttery, a bit of saltiness, sweet from the sugar but not too much as it is balanced by the flour, and chocolatey and a bit bitter from quality chocolate." 

Some people might think that Loren doesn't have anything new to offer the market, but she believes otherwise. She's going back to how a cookie should be like - not too sweet, chewy, chocolatey, high quality, and made with ingredients you find in the grocery. A good cookie doesn't have to be complicated.
Hello, Goodbites
Freshly baked, honest-to-goodness cookies - that's what Hello, Goodbites is all about.

As much as I loved the cookies, I did have one issue with them. Because they are delivered fresh out of the oven, they have a tendency to slightly crumble during delivery. It's nothing major, but if you can, I would suggest picking up your orders in Pasig instead, especially if you're planning to give them as a gift. But if it's just for personal consumption, I wouldn't sweat it. I honestly scooped up every little piece of these babies. :P
Hello, Goodbites
Aside from Double Chocolate, Loren has a couple more cookie flavors up her sleeve.

Price per dozen are as follows:
Double Chocolate (P310) | Double Chocolate Macadamia (P350)
Dark Chocolate (P260) | Dark Chocolate Macadamia (P290)
Dark Chocolate Coco Sugar (P300) | Dark Chocolate Coco Sugar with Macadamia (P330)
Semi Sweet (P260) | Semi Sweet with Macadamia (P290)
Choco Mint (P260)
Hello, GoodbitesHello, Goodbites
Hello, GoodbitesHello, Goodbites
Clockwise (L-R): Semi Sweet, Dark Chocolate Coco Sugar, Choco Mint, Dark Chocolate

My mom and I also loved the Choco Mint! In fact, we loved it so much that we actually told Loren that very same day that we'll be ordering boxes of her cookies to give away this Christmas! Ganun kasarap, guys!
Now if you're a fan of cheesecakes, you might also want to try her take on the classic, blueberry, creme brulee, and chocolate cheesecake! Lead time for the cookies is one day; for the cheesecakes, at least two days. For orders, contact 09175114667.

Don't forget to check them out on Facebook and Instagram for updates on any promos and new products ;) 
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