Friday, June 23, 2017

Piccolo Padre, Angeles City

A family owned fine dining restaurant that started in Milano, Italy

The story of Piccolo Padre began in Milano which Chef Danilo Giampaolo's grandfather ran. Soon, he opened their second branch in Philadelphia, USA, with his mom. After working around the world, Chef Danilo finally built the third Piccolo Padre in Angeles, Pampanga with his wife Aida, and son Sandro.
Piccolo Padre
The dishes come from heirloom recipes with some new ones featuring local Filipino ingredients. The concept is mainly all about traditional homemade Italian cooking, which is probably why people love it so much.

The restaurant's elegant atmosphere is inspired by three architectures of Venice: the apartments above the Venetian Canals, the famous Venetian Mask, and a replica of the famous Clock Tower in Piazza San Marco with the winged lion protector of Venice and Apostle Saint Mark. All the artwork in the restaurant is handpainted - it's really an amazing sight. It transports you to Venice the moment you step inside the restaurant.
Piccolo Padre
Piccolo Padre Seafood Platter
baked Crystal Bay oysters Inferno topped with guanciale and spinach cheese sauce
baked scallops in a salami and bellpepper cheese sauce
Ahi Katsu: sashimi tuna wrapped in nori then panko breaded and pan fried served with garlic butter sauce
black Chilean mussels in olive oil, white wine, and garlic sauce
Piccolo Padre
Piccolo Padre
Gnocchi Gorgonzola
house made potato pasta with walnuts and Gorgonzola cream sauce
Piccolo Padre
Piccolo Padre Cheese Platter
French Brie, Taleggio, Sardinian Pecorino topped with black truffles and creamy Gorgonzola; includes two types of salami, skinless and seedless red grapes, Ligurian gourmet black olives and grissini from Torino
Piccolo Padre
Crab Risotto with Talangka and Prawns
arborio risotto with crabmeat and talangka topped with garlic butter prawns
Piccolo Padre
Piccolo Padre
Risotto Nero with Scallops
arborio risotto with cuttlefish ink and garlic scallops
Piccolo Padre
Pandan Creme Brulee
flavored with pandan leaves and topped with macadamia nuts
Piccolo Padre
Grazie, Chef Dan! I will definitely pay Piccolo Padre a visit the next time I go to Pampanga :)
Piccolo Padre
Piccolo Padre is located at 23 Narciso Street, Angeles City, Pampanga.
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