Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Oculus Archery, Angeles City

Still at Mountain Clark Firing Range!

For our third activity at Mountain Clark Firing Range (read about Ninja's Nest and target shooting), we visited Oculus Archery - my new favorite sport!
Oculus Archery
During that month, I actually went to three archery ranges (one in Pampanga, and two in Manila) with three different groups of people. It's a great bonding activity and I highly recommend everyone to try it with their friends!
Oculus Archery
Same with the other activities, we got some tips from the folks over at Ocular Archery, unfortunately, we didn't get to stay very long. We each did a few rounds, then it was off to the next restaurant.
Oculus Archery
Archery is kind of similar to shooting a gun; aside from having a target, you also have to make sure that you're holding the bow correctly, your arm and hands are in the right positions, and you have to have a proper stance.
Oculus Archery
All these are contributing factors to hitting that target. So if you're interested in trying it out, don't expect to be amazing at it immediately (though some people naturally have great hand-eye coordination), but yeah. Just keep at it and you'll get better.

Archery Lessons:
30 mins: Php 300
1 hour: Php 550
includes complete gear, coaching, target face, and one balloon

Archery Trials:
5 arrows: Php 75
10 arrows: Php 100
15 arrows: Php 120
Oculus Archery
Thank you, Oculus Archery! :)
Oculus Archery
Contact Oculus Archery on Facebook for any inquiries you might have!
Oculus Archery
Mountain Clark Firing Range is located at Don Jose Street, Don Bonifacio Subdivision, Angeles City.
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