Monday, June 19, 2017

Ninja's Nest, Angeles City

Fulfill your dreams of becoming a ninja with Ninja's Nest!

After a heavy brunch at Amare by Chef Chris, we headed over to Mountain Clark Firing Range to try out the various activities they offer, starting with Ninja's Nest! Here, we channeled our inner ninjas for some knife-throwing action!
Ninja's Nest
Among the ten of us, I was the first to volunteer. We began by throwing the shuriken (ninja stars) onto a wooden board that carried the face of a monster.
Ninja's Nest
It was actually kind of scary - not the monster - but the throwing part, since the activity is skill based. It's not just a matter of throwing, but you have to learn how to first hold the weapon. You have to throw it and make it hit the target. Mine kept hitting the board then falling to the ground. Sometimes, it would even bounce back towards my direction!! Take note, this is a sharp weapon; it's not a toy, so you have to take it seriously and always be careful.
Ninja's Nest
Ace Soliman was there to teach each and everyone of us how to throw properly, but I guess it's really not something you learn in just a few minutes.

Good news though - Ninja's Nest offers knife-throwing lessons for ages 10 and up! So for those living in Pampanga, or planning to drop by often, do check them out on Facebook ;)
Ninja's Nest
Ninja's NestNinja's NestNinja's Nest
Thank you, Ace, for your patience and for the fun throwing session!
Ninja's Nest
Ninja's Nest is located inside Mountain Clark Firing Range, Don Jose Street, Don Bonifacio Subdivision, Angeles City.
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