Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fit Access PH

Manila-based startup Fit Access launches a booking platform that encourages tech-savvy millennials and on-the-go professionals to find their joy and passion in fitness.

Fit Access allows members to enjoy a wide variety of fitness activities every month in all its partner gyms and studios. Members can choose from different workout categories that suit their mood and match their fitness level.
Fit AccessFit AccessFit AccessFit Access
Co-founders Ia Hernandez and Natalie Cruz, are both athletes who want to share their love of fitness and help others find the workout that fits their schedule and taste. “As athletes, Ia and I know that fitness is more than just a lifestyle but a way of life. With Fit Access we hope that Filipino professionals can incorporate any fitness routine they like into their weekly schedules,” says Natalie Cruz, a Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport athlete, IKSFA Level 2 Coach, and a current student of ACE Personal Trainer Certification.

Fit Access, a mobile-friendly website, was created for individuals at any age and fitness level. Whether you’re a busy professional planning to start a new fitness regime, a fitness enthusiast wanting to try something new, or an athlete looking to cross train, the platform has all the fitness activities and group classes you can possibly think of. With 30 (and still growing) partner studios, Fit Access is the perfect place to discover new workout options. Members can check class schedules and book a class at their favorite studios with just a few clicks, making it doubly easier to attend a session. Its accessibility and user-friendly interface makes finding a class a breeze. Nobody has to call in and book their workout sessions anymore!
Fit AccessFit Access
What makes this new platform different from its competition? Fit Access offers the most flexible subscription plans that suit individual needs. Fit Access features three membership options ranging from 6-12 visits per month, all designed to bring you the best service possible. Co-founder Ia Hernandez says, “Our monthly membership plans are perfect for those who might already have an existing gym membership but would like to complement their workouts with new activities. If they’re thinking of picking up a new sport, Fit Access is definitely a great platform for that as well!”

Here are the different plans you can avail at
Beyond monthly classes, members will also receive exclusive deals from partner establishments such as discounts on gym membership packages, fitness workshops, and free invites to health and fitness events. Visit to know more about their partner establishments and subscription plans!
Fit Access
Is #balikalindog on your 2016 goals? Are you planning to break the monotony of your fitness routine? Then Fit Access may just be the one you need. What are you waiting for? Join now and be part of a dynamic fitness revolution!