Monday, August 29, 2016

Gold Leaf Tea

Plus they have amazing customer service!!

So here's the story. A few days ago, I opened up my Gold Leaf Pure Jasmine Green Tea and Organic White Tea to try them out. As indicated on the boxes, each should have 10 tea bags, but when I got to the white tea, I found that it only had 8 bags. So I went ahead and contacted Gold Leaf Tea's Facebook page on Friday to ask them about it.
Gold Leaf Tea
Gold Leaf Tea
Here's their response: May I ask where and when you purchased the tea so that we can check the batch of that delivery, may we ask for the expiry date also... We're really so sorry for this...  :( We will be happy to change a new one to you... Let us know how we can go about this... Again, we're so sorry for the trouble... Rest assure we're taking this very seriously... Thank you for your feedback and we're looking forward to hear from you... :)

Would you believe that just hours after our conversation, the replacement had already arrived?? IN JUST A FEW HOURS, GUYS!! I was so impressed! I don't even care that this happened to me, I'm just worried about the other people who experienced the same thing and may be thinking they got duped. I guess the lesson here is to always ask first before making conclusions. :)
Gold Leaf Tea
On another note, Gold Leaf also sent me complimentary boxes to enjoy. It contained some of their different flavors like Organic Black Tea, Mint Tea, Green Tea, and Jasmine Tea. So far, I've only tried the Pure Jasmine Green Tea and it smells so good. It's so relaxing! It's exactly the kind of tea you'll want to drink after a long day.

I've yet to try the rest, but I'm looking forward to it!
Gold Leaf Tea
I just thought I'd share my experience with you and perhaps encourage you to try their teas as well. :)

You can find their teas in any supermarket, but if you want to see the complete line, look for them at Landmark or Uni-Mart.  

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  1. I know the lovely couple behind this brand. They're super duper nice. Try the concentrate line too if you like iced tea. :)