Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pot Hed Inc.

What is this? Gourmet Mushroom Growing Kit from... Pot Hed Inc.? What's going on here??

Hey, guys! First things first - no, I'm not promoting any illegal substance on my blog. Pot Hed actually stands for People Out There Help Earth's Diversity. So how exactly do they help?
Pot Hed Inc
Let me introduce to you these all organic sustainable mushroom kits that Pot Hed created in partnership with Majik Mayk Gourmet Mushrooms. They are made out of Kalinga-Apayao coffee waste grounds from various coffee shops in Los BaƱos, Laguna. Combining the agricultural and industrial bi-products, each kit can grow up to four crops. Pot Hed Inc. was founded to help make a change to nature, and to reconnect people with the food they eat. It is their aim to inspire others to value resources and up-cycle other waste.
Pot Hed Inc
I knew that coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer, but I never thought it could be made into a portable mushroom growing kit. The mushrooms from the kit transform the soil bag into a nutritionally rich organic compound garden soil enhancer - making it good for your home grown vegetable garden. What I like about these kits is that they are SO EASY to take care of. All you have to do is spray them with water daily and soon enough, your mushrooms will be ready. Now, you won't just eat mushrooms, you can actually grow them yourself!

Did I mention they come in white, gray, pink, and brown? Well, they do! ;)
Pot Hed
Prices of each kit are as follows:
White (P65) | Gray (P85) | Pink (P80) | Brown (P75)

Steps on how to grow your own:
1. Open the marked panel and cut an X or + on the grow bag
Pot Hed Inc
2. Submerge the kit in water overnight then put it back in the box.
Pot Hed Inc
3. Keep the kits indoors away from direct sunlight
4. Spray with water 2-3 times a day; don't worry about over-watering - the more moist it is, the better
Pot Hed Inc
5. In one to two weeks, you'll see your oyster mushrooms! You can now harvest, cook, and eat them!
Pot Hed Inc
In above photo: gray mushroom kit
To grow your second batch, do the same to a different side (cut an X, submerge in water overnight, spray daily). Repeat the process four times to maximize your kits :)

For orders, please fill out this form or visit them on Facebook (facebook.com/PotHedInc).
Happy growing! ;)