Sunday, April 3, 2016

Kitchenails (Plus How to Get 75% Off on Services!)

Here again for the third consecutive month! Well, what can I say? They have amazing service!

After getting a hand spa and manicure and pedicure the last two months, I decided to try one of their Entrees this time around. It's basically their customizable hand/foot spa offerings, where you can select your scrub, mask, oil, and massage. It can get overwhelming since there's really a lot to choose from (at least four kinds per category) so I'm glad they also came up with preset entrees, namely Good Morning, Sunshine; Easy Sunday Afternoon; Antioxidize and Cleanse; and Fruitty Tutty Mania. Cute, right? These make it so much easier to pick depending on your mood!
I was supposed to go with the Antioxidize and Cleanse (which is a combination of cucumber scrub, coffee mask, green tea oil, and signature massage), but Ate Imelda mentioned that the Fruity Tutty Mania comes with a free polish upgrade just for March, so I ended up going with that instead! 
The Fruity Tutty Mania comes with a strawberry scrub, orange mask, grapefruit oil, and a detox massage, so it's safe to say I felt really refreshed afterwards. I went with Witch's Blue by Orly for my polish and I love it so much! I also appreciated that nothing was rushed. They took their time every step of the way, even though they could be entertaining other clients, and they do everything so well, so yeah, it's definitely a place I'll keep coming back to.
For more details on their services, check out my previous posts on their Chef's Specials (Hand Spa) and Manicure and Pedicure!
P.S. They have an awesome promo that everyone should get into ASAP. All you have to do is surrender your frequency card from other nail salons and you get 75% off on ALL SERVICES! Promo is until August 31, 2016!
Kitchenails is located at Level 3, TriNoma Mall (near the Family Lounge, in front of Henry's Professional)
For reservations, call or text (02) 625-2804 or (0943) 129-6504 :)
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