Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wingman, UP Town Center

Wingman invited bloggers to participate in its first ever quiz night at their newest branch last week!
Aside from that, they also released a new meal called the Squadron - read more to find out what it is :)

The bloggers were pre-assigned to the following teams: Blue Blooded, Pabebe, Jetsetters, and Kool Kids. 
I love the interiors! It was actually my first visit to Wingman, though I know they have branches in Makati, Newport, and Acacia Estates as well.
Before the word wingman was used to refer to "the friend one brings along to help them get women" (often heard in How I Met Your Mother), it originally stood for the pilot whose aircraft is positioned behind and outside the leading aircraft in a formation, hence the aviation theme. I'm glad they didn't just create a chicken wing mascot and called it Wingman haha!
My team - Blue Blooded! I had a great time with this bunch! Go, Ateneo!!

The game had four rounds with different categories. The questions were a mix of sports, movies, current events, geography, music, and more.

Our gamemasters were Eric (the owner of Wingman) and Benj (marketing officer).

Lucky us got to try their newest meal - the Squadron! For P2000, you get 30 pieces of chicken wings, fried platter, and your choice of drinks that's good for 8 to 10 persons!

We ate while we played, and it was so much fun! We were discouraged to use google so it took some team work to actually come up with the answers.

And yes, the team work paid off. Team Blue Blooded won! :)

Here's a closer look at the Squadron meal.

The fried platter is composed of onion rings, shoestring potatoes and wedges, which are all normal sides. It also comes with nacho chips, which aren't usually given as sides, and chicken fingers, which is an entree all on its own. As for the drinks, you can go with a pitcher of lemonade or iced tea, or a glass of draft beer per person. If you want to maximize your savings, go for the beer. But make sure you only drink what you can handle!
For the wings, you can pick 5 different flavors - so that's 6 wings per flavor. My team was so in sync (or maybe we were just hungry), it only took us 30 seconds to pick the five flavors we wanted haha! That's a huge deal - five girls picking five out of fifteen flavors in under a minute! Hahaha! See, we're not always so indecisive! :P
Garlic Parmesan
Prairie Fire
Moroccan Chermoula
Classic Buffalo
Lemon Pepper
My top three are the Moroccan Chermoula, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic Parmesan! They were the most unique in flavor, especially the Moroccan Chermoula which is a mix of different herbs and spices. The smell may take a bit of getting used to at first, but I'd definitely recommend it. The Lemon Pepper has a tangy taste to it, which I loved! For that added crunch, try the Garlic Parmesan.

After the game, we were asked to choose between Black Pepper Brownie or Deep-Fried Snickers as our dessert. I'm so glad we went with the brownie, because the moment they placed it on our table, we were speechless.
Who wouldn't be? It looked so beautiful and delicious, so we all quickly took shots of it and immediately devoured the thing. It was so good!!! There's only a hint of pepper in there, so it just adds a bit of a twist to your usual fudgy brownie. It goes so well with ice cream, too! So worth it for P150!

The final scores!
Thanks for the super fun night, Wingman!

This is Bettina from Team Blue Blooded, signing out!
*Quiz night photos were taken from Wingman's Facebook page

Wingman is located at the 2/F UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

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