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The Chillout Project

Chillout Project

The Chillout Project owned by Mary Grace Yap and Rafael Ian Rosopa opened its doors on September 7, 2015. Their idea was to give their customers a new environment - something different from the usual hang-out places seen around Taft Avenue. And you know what? This new rooftop wateringhole just might be what the doctor ordered! I was a student once (haha) so I know how kids will want to unwind after a stressful day at the university. The prices are student-friendly, too.
Chillout Project
Pink Lemonada (P55)
Chillout ProjectChillout Project
Southern Buffalo Wings (P199)
Chillout Project
Mild or really spicy, take your pick. Buffalo wings have always been a popular choice when it comes to bar chows, and this one's no exception! It doesn't taste like your normal buffalo wings though - I'm not sure what kind of hot sauce they used - but we finished this pretty quickly. I guess that says something about how delicious it is?

Spam Fries (P229)
Chillout Project
Instead of serving plain ol' French fries, Chillout Project created a special kind of fries - Spam Fries! I don't know anyone who doesn't like spam (the food version, at least), so this was definitely a hit at our table. It's not exactly a new dish though, I've seen recipes come out online; but still, it was my first time trying Spam Fries and I really enjoyed it (especially with the dijon mustard and ketchup).

Manong's Tusok Tusok (P129)
Chillout Project
This reminded me so much of my childhood, when I used to wait for manong fishball to pass by our house to get my merienda. Chillout Project serves a mix of fish balls, kikiam, squid balls, and kwek kwek on a mini skillet with manong's original sauces! This is probably the cleanest version of street food out there; you can still have the same experience as real street food without the worry of strangers double dipping their fishball sticks into the sauce jars. ;)

Doritos Cheesy Balls Overload (P199)
Chillout Project
Crush your favorite Doritos (if you can even resist eating them), mix in cheddar cheese, and you have this cheesy balls overload! Well, those aren't the only ingredients, but you get the picture. The combination of these two is something I haven't tried before as well. I just wish they served it with more tomato sauce (I loooove tomato dips!) or perhaps gave an option to have it with some kind of cheesy dip/spread instead. Cheese on cheese on cheese! Why not?

Bacon Chicharon (P199)
Chillout Project
Here's a dish that merges two unhealthy yet well-loved items together and makes it a whole. Thin pork belly slices are deep fried to perfection; the result is crispy and crunchy bacon served with vinegar on the side. It's a fancier version of chicharon, only here at Chillout Project!

Let's Taco 'Bout It (P129)
Chillout Project
Though the taco sauce was well seasoned and flavorful, the actual "taco" used is a local brand of chips that I didn't particularly like. It ended up being too soggy, therefore, messy to eat. I'm fairly certain most people wouldn't mind this though, especially once they've gotten a few drinks in their system. :P

Popeye's Favorite (P229)
Chillout Project
Chillout Project
Care to guess why they call it Popeye's Favorite? That's right, spinach! This 14-inch thin crust pizza also contains garlic and chicken. Best eaten while it's still hot. But if you're not a fan of spinach, try the four other pizza options available: The Chillout Pizza, Oink Oink Bacon and Cheese, Truffled All Veggies, Pepperoni Supreme and Cheese, and Mr. and Mrs. Hawaiian.

Smoked Ribs 
(Single Carnivore P210, Partners in Crime P369, Wolf Pack P619)
Chillout Project
These smoked American baby back ribs usually take 8-10 hours to prepare. The smoky flavor from the hickory wood used does not overwhelm; instead, it gives the meat a delicious smell and a nice mahogany color that will make you want to eat it A.S.A.P. The ribs we were served remained juicy and tender, even though we didn't eat them immediately (since we still had to take photos). The size above are good for two pax (Partners in Crime for P369). Affordable, right!? :)

Strawberry and Passionfruit Margarita (P109 each)
Chillout ProjectChillout Project
Go crazy over margaritas! I highly recomment the passionfruit!

Party Size Pitchers (P329)
Chillout Project
This one's called Voodoo. It's a mix of orange juice, grenadine, blue curacao, vodka, and white rum. Careful with this one because it's a bit strong. Remember to always drink moderately, especially if you have to drive after! Keep safe always!

The Chillout Project Kitchen and Bar is located at
2223 Fidel Reyes Street, Malate, Manila
Open Mondays to Fridays 4pm to 1am
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