Monday, November 23, 2015

Green Pastures, Shangri-La Plaza

Green Pastures
Original. Local. Organic.

Green Pastures
Met up with a few friends at Green Pastures to try their healthy offerings. From what I've read, Green Pastures is a farm-to-table, organic restaurant by the same person behind Cyma, Chef Robby Goco.
Green Pastures
The interiors give a very nature-y, rustic feel, because of all the browns and well, the fact that there's an actual wall of greens in the middle of the room.
Green Pastures
Harvest Chowder (P220)
with river shrimps, squash, bacon, potatoes, corn, light cream
Green Pastures
Caldo Verde (P205)
with kale, chorizo, potato; gluten free
Green Pastures
For the two soups, our vote goes to the Harvest Chowder because the flavor of the potatoes and squash was more complementary and subtle compared to the chorizo from the Callo Verde which I found too overpowering.

House Made Ricotta Cheese (P225)
cow's milk, made fresh daily with onion jam and roasted garlic served with toast bread
Green Pastures
Gaah. This was just superb. Sorry if I keep mentioning this on the blog, but I really do love cheese, and I truly believe it will always have a special place in my tummy. What I didn't know was that apparently, we were supposed to eat the cheese with the roasted garlic, I thought it was just for decoration! Haha!

Farmhouse Salad (P430 / P595)
shredded kale, chopped romaine, konbu roasted chicken, Mambo goat cheese, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, corn, ripe mangoes, grape tomatoes, Honey mustard dill vinaigrette; gluten free
Green Pastures
Hey, have you noticed I've been eating more salads lately? *pats self on the back* haha but seriously, this is my kind of salad. Not too green (since it has eggs, mangoes, and bacon), but still healthy, especially because it's mostly organic!

Crispy Fresh Fries (P150)
parmesan, parsley, cumin mayo; gluten-free
Green Pastures
Cumin mayo for the win! Even Tim who doesn't normally like anything with cumin, enjoyed this. The fries also went well with the ricotta cheese. Double win! :)

Crab Meat, Sea Urchin Pasta (P425 / P585)
lemon, chives, spaghetti
Green Pastures
Nothing I've ever tasted before. My dad's big on sea urchins so I'm sure he's going to like this. This is the same "uni" you find on the menu of Japanese restaurants; it is slimy and will pretty much just slide down your throat when eaten, but this wasn't so bad. The flavor is subtle, you'll mostly taste the crab meat and lemon.

GP Porkchop (P550)
 with cinnamon butter, roasted potatoes, guava jam; gluten free
Green Pastures
How do you change up something so common and well-loved like porkchop? Try changing up the sauce! The guava jam and cinnamon butter make for interesting dips, that's for sure. You better eat this fast though, the meat is thick, so it tends to harden if you wait too long.

P.S. Did I mention they serve organic coffee from different provinces?
Green Pastures
We didn't get to try any of them though since we were craving for ice cream, perhaps another time. :)
Green Pastures
Green Pastures is located at:
Level 4 Shangri-La Plaza East Wing
3rd floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis

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