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Tokyo Bubble Tea: New Look, New Dishes!

Tokyo Bubble Tea
Tokyo Bubble Tea recently renovated their Tomas Morato branch, and with that came not only a new look, but new dishes, as well!

The interiors are now fresher and brighter, with pastels covering most of the walls and ceiling. 
Tokyo Bubble Tea
The entire room gives a feeling of coziness. I could hang out here for hours!

They have free wifi too, so if you need to get some work done, or simply want to browse your Facebook/Instagram feeds while you eat, then this is the place to be.
Tokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble Tea
Oh and guess what? They have THE cutest menu. But of course, that's not the basis for whether a restaurant is good or not - it's the food!
Tokyo Bubble Tea
Sooo.. let's get started, shall we?
Tokyo Bubble Tea
Grapes Yocca (P125 / P135)
Tokyo Bubble Tea
This is a cultured milk drink, rich in Lactobacillus (similar to Yakult, so it's good for your tummy!). Before, they only had one version of the Yocca and it was in tea slush form, but now, they have three - the Original Yocca, Grapefruit Yocca, and finally, Grapes Yocca. We got to try the latter mixed with mango bits and bubu jelly and it was soo good! The flavor of the cultured milk wasn't too overpowering. It was kind of like drinking watered down yogurt with the fruity goodness of the grapes and bits of sweet mango. The bubu jelly has a different texture to their bubbles (which I usually order), but I think either would work well with this drink.

Lychee Fruit-C Slush (P135 / P145)
Tokyo Bubble Tea
As if their tea slushes weren't awesome enough, the folks at Bubble Tea decided to include a healthy aspect to it by adding refreshing dose of vitamin C from freshly squeezed citrus fruits to every Slush! It also comes in Mango Grapefruit, Berry Forest, Kiwi Green Tea, Korean Grapefruit, Strawberry Green Tea, Grape, and Super Fruit-C! I don't normally go for drinks with lychee in them, but this was a winner!

Bulgogi Nachos (P225)
Tokyo Bubble Tea
This was the first dish to arrive, and I swear, we couldn't stop eating this, even when the other dishes had already come out. This delightful blend of sweet and spicy nachos mixed with beef bulgogi and creamy Korean mayo is a steal at P225. They made the sweet and spicy nachos with the sourness of the mayo work together, and I applaud them for it. To tell you the truth, hot sauce is not something I like putting on my food, but to be served this colorful and well-thought out assortment of flavors was really something I couldn't say no to.

Salmon with Blackened Maguro Rice (P345)
Tokyo Bubble Tea
Served in a hot stone bowl, their Salmon with Blackened Maguro Rice is highly recommended if you're craving for a warm bowl of rice after a long day. Eat it immediately to fully enjoy the delightful seared salmon fillet on black tuna yakimeshi rice!

Japanese Chicken Leg (P265)
Tokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble Tea

The chicken was cooked perfectly, the java rice complemented it well, and the potato salad was on point. But the thing I loved most about this dish was the nori ginger sauce that came with it. It really want to made me eat more of the chicken, even though I'm not a huge chicken fan. You can still taste the ginger, but the flavor isn't as strong compared to the ginger sauce used for Hainanese chicken. The nori adds saltiness to it which will make it an instant hit!

Tokyo Tower (P565)
Tokyo Bubble Tea
I seriously had a hard time taking photos of this one. Aptly named after the one of the tallest structures in Japan, the Tokyo Tower, this dish is definitely one of a kind. Bubble Tea went above and beyond with this, steering away from the traditional way of serving Japanese rolls on a long plate. It was seriously huge, I'm guessing at least 6 inches tall? Since there were only two of us, we weren't able to finish it. A minimum of three people should probably share this - more, if you're planning to order other dishes too.
Tokyo Bubble TeaTokyo Bubble Tea
With the Tokyo Tower, you do not sacrifice quality for quantity, you actually get them both! It's a towering fusion of flavors and textures consisting of crunchy spicy tuna, ripe mango, kani crab crunch, spicy fruity salmon, and cashew crunch served on a bed of mixed seasonal greens in balsamic vinegar reduction. It's a lot to take in, I know. So I suggest you schedule your visit to Tokyo Bubble Tea and try this ASAP.
Tokyo Bubble Tea
Tokyo Bubble Tea is located at:
220 Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City (beside Alfredo's steak house)
Opening hours: Daily from 11:00 am - 1:00 am
For inquiries/reservations, call (02) 412-3573
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  1. Yaaaay so many new dishes! How did you even manage to eat the Tokyo Tower dish without it toppling down?!? :))