Saturday, October 10, 2015

DIY Colorful Dry-Erase Board

DIY Board
Happy weekend! Today I'm sharing a quick DIY project I did to turn a photo frame into a memo board of sorts.

DIY Board
Things you'll need:
- A photo frame (any color or size, it really depends on where you're planning to put it)
- A colorful piece of paper in either a solid color or printed design (I tore off a page from my wrapping paper book, which I got for 120 pesos or about $2.50. You can also use construction paper, gift wrap, a page from a magazine, etc.)
- A pair of scissors
- A white board marker
DIY Board
1. Cut your paper to fit the frame
2. Put your cut out inside the frame (will work as a background)
3. Write your to-do list or favorite quote on the glass with a white board marker
DIY Board
If you accidentally made a mistake, don't worry.
Simply erase it using a piece of cloth or tissue paper and start over.
DIY Board
Tadaaa! What do you think?
It makes for a good reminder board and a really easy way to add some color to any room!

Have fun making your own reminders board! :)