Monday, August 24, 2015

Baipora Creative Mood Food

Welcome to Baipora! Our mission here is to create, more than food, cuisine that affects your mood.
Dishes that uplift, energize, and relax. A brand of eats we like to call “Creative Mood Food”: timeless recipes that have given us comfort and satisfaction, prepared for you with a creative and unexpected twist.

What’s more, we transformYes, you heard that right.

During the day, Baipora is a place to chill out, perk up, and recharge.
At night, we transform into a gastronomic mysterya dining space as romantic as it is exciting.

If that sounds a little bipolar, don’t worry. That’s the point.
So you better eat up, mood up!

"Baipora Creative Mood Food is a revolutionary casual dining cafe which aims to serve modern Fusion Japanese Food that would cater to the convenience seekers at day and the foodies at night and weekends. The café would have a transformation from a homey neighbourhood café at day to a leisurely dining place at night."
For starters, my mom ordered the Wasabi Chicken Fries because, well, wasabi. The people in my family have always been huge on the condiment, except for me. But don't worry if you're not into spicy foods; they mixed just enough for you to taste a hint of it.

Wasabi Chicken Fries
crispy fries topped with stir-fried chicken bits and wasabi mayo sauce
Denis, my best friend and one of the owners, suggested we also try one of his personal favorites, the Surf and Turf. Here at Baipora, they create their own twist on things, so instead of getting the traditional shrimps and steak on a plate, they served it to us maki style.

Surf and Turf
ebi tempura, cream cheese with cucumber, and carrots wrapped in Japanese rice with mixed vegetables topped with avocado and seared beef steak
This one's a mouthful - literally. It took my mom and I a good minute discussing how huge each piece was and how we were supposed to fit it in our mouths. We honestly couldn't decide how we were going to eat it. Do we just stuff it in our mouths or do we go about it the demure way and cut it in half first? Haha! A definite must-try at Baipora!
After getting to try bulalo ramen at Aozora Japanese Cafe and Bistro in Tagaytay, here's another take on the popular Japanese dish by, of course, Baipora:

Beef Pares Ramen (P285)
slow cooked beef stew infused with spices served with freshly made ramen noodles and ajitsuke tamago
Flavorful broth + tender meat = win! Even my mom and my aunt liked this. Mind you, these two have high standards when it comes to food. It's perfect to have on cold, rainy nights, much like the ones we've been having recently.

Gyoza Ala Pelmini (P290)
Japanese favourite dumpling wrapped in pasta dough resembling a ravioli served with sour cream sauce
Not exactly gyoza, but not pasta either. Instead of using siomai wrapper for the dumpling, the chef chose to use real pasta, like the one used for ravioli, to wrap the gyoza in. There's a bit of sauce in there, too, if you eat it immediately (which reminded me of xiao long pao). So it's gyoza, ravioli, and xiao long bao - all in one! Haha! And to those who've always considered the gyoza, soy sauce, and wine vinegar combo as perfection (like me), it actually works with sour cream, too!

Baipora also has a wide range of drinks and dessert offerings. Since we were already full, the three of us decided to just share a slice of Strawberry Cheesecake (P150). Light, creamy, but not too sweet. I'm looking forward to trying their crepe cakes next time! :)
Also recommending the following dishes which my friends and I got to try just the week before!

Clockwise: Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad with Crispy Dilis, Balls of Curry, and Teriyaki Pulled Chicken Sandwich
If you're on the hunt for the real kind of Japanese fusion, do visit Baipora! Their dishes are innovative, affordable, and most importantly, delicious! It's a cozy hang-out place you can go to with either your friends or family. Also, do check out their art display, most of them are created by local artists and yes, they are for sale! Support the local art community by buying their works! :)

Baipora Creative Mood Food Cafe is located at Ash Creek Center, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan City.
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