Thursday, June 18, 2015

Press Cafe, Greenhills

Press Cafe
The only great thing about this place is that it's located inside a book store. Other than that, it's pretty much meh.

Press CafePress Cafe
My friends and I were so disheartened when we ate here one Saturday afternoon. Being that majority of our group were book lovers, we had such high hopes for this place. Imagine bonding over books at an actual café inside an actual book store. For starters, the menu had the words NOT AVAILABLE printed on it (not taped over the price or anything like that), which we thought was weird. So does that mean that when they printed the menu, the dishes weren’t available already - meaning, they were never available in the first place? Then why didn’t they just take it out before they had them printed?

Want proof? See menu photos taken from Zomato hahaha (open in new tab)

So anyway, we ended up with the following:
Press CafePress CafePress CafePress Cafe
Sadly, we didn't find the dishes we ordered to be anything special. The choices are limited (since, again, most were "not available"), and we didn’t get to try their coffee offerings, either. I don’t know if the coffee's why people come in here - it probably is and maybe I'll consider going back to try some of them - but if you're just wondering about the food, then I wouldn't bother coming back at all.
Press Cafe
Press Cafe
I’d have to give them points for making the interiors book-themed though. They have a cool book wall, and a book display where the pages were folded to form the words PRESS CAFÉ. But I’m kind of confused, too, because the lighting there is a bit dim (at least when I was there) so I don’t know how they expect people to read, it being a book café and all. On the plus side, it’s a quiet place, so you can really talk with your friends or get some work done.
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