Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Island Life (Coron, Palawan)

Island Life

Despite my recent side trip to Aurora (which I'll be posting about soon), I already miss the beach. It's that one place I will never ever get sick of. There's just something about the simplicity of it all, and it's always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 
Island Life
Imagine being served lunch in a hut like this, with you just laying back, relaxing, and taking in the sights as you feel the sand and water between your toes
Island Life
You hear nothing but the sound of the waves crashing as you eat on this almost-private island
Island Life
To be able to try new dishes is a great experience, most of the time, delicious, too!
Island LifeIsland Life
This is the life. The Philippines has so much natural beauty to offer; we really need to explore it more.
Island Life
With that, I'm looking forward to spending my weekends on the beach. See you soon, Zambales, Puerto Princesa, and Bohol! What about you? Where are you planning to spend your summer? :)

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