Sunday, February 1, 2015

Modern Calligraphy x Brush Lettering Workshop

Calligraphy x Lettering

Spent last Saturday at the Hey Kessy Studio in Katipunan for Anina Rubio's Modern Calligraphy x Brush Lettering Workshop! I had fun learning from Anina; she really makes an effort to get to know her students and she's very hands on (constantly moving around the room to check on our work). :)

First up: the tools!
Speedball Oblique Holder with 2 Nibs
Moonpalace Sumi Ink
Dinky Dips (which we filled up with different colored Bombay inks!)
Paint Brush
A Pencil
PaperOne 100gsm bond paper

Calligraphy x LetteringCalligraphy x LetteringCalligraphy x LetteringCalligraphy x LetteringCalligraphy x Lettering
Learning calligraphy is hard. Unfortunately for me, being left handed makes it even harder! There's this added difficulty of trying not to smudge the ink and getting it all over your hand (same with brush lettering, or normal writing, for that matter). Plus your hand has to be at an angle to get the right thick and thin lines. #TheStruggleIsReal
Calligraphy x Lettering
But for the sake of sharing, I'll include my final works here. I know they're terrible and it'll take a lot of practice to get better! Let's see how it goes!
Calligraphy x LetteringCalligraphy x Lettering
If you're interested in learning calligraphy/brush lettering too, consider joining one of Anina's workshops! Check out the schedule here.

Happy writing! :)