Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Cariza's

Here's the main reason why I was on a sugar high last week - Cariza's! I met with the owner, Hana Cariza Agbayani, last week at the Manila Sundance Bazaar and went home with a bag of goodies for me and my family.

Their products also make great gifts for your December gatherings as Cariza's is offering special cookie/cupcake boxes for the Christmas season! :)

Hana started baking when she was still in grade school. I actually grew up seeing my mom cook and bake for us. She is really one of my inspirations. I used to bake ready-to-mix brownies, until my mom taught me to bake from scratch in high school. I found it very challenging, yet therapeutic. Since then, my love for baking just grew more and more each day.
Aside from being made with pure passion and love, Cariza's products are also made with premium ingredients. Her cookies are chewy and flavorful; you'll find yourself savoring each bite. I got to try some of their stuffed cookie and vegan options and can I just say, they are worth every peso.
Her stuffed cookies are thick and heavy, and loaded with chocolate chips! You already know you're getting your money's worth before you even take a bite! When she says stuffed cookies, they're not only stuffed in the sense that there's something inside the cookies, but they're also stuffed in the siksik kind of way. That's one of the main reasons why I like Cariza's - they don't skimp on ingredients.

Here's an inside look on some of their stuffed cookies. I enjoyed eating every single one, but my favorites would have to be the Mint Oreo, Nutella, and Reese's!
A box of 8 costs P350 - P420 depending on the flavors, but at most, that's only P52.50 each!
 I'm already planning on what to order for myself on my birthday. I'm not kidding! They're that good!

To date, Cariza's offers three kinds of cookies:
- Traditional (chocolate chip cookie loaded with semi sweet Hershey's morsels)
- Stuffed (chocolate filled cookies)
- Double choco stuffed (Double chocolate cookies made of cocoa and dark chocolate chips)
Here are their special Christmas cookie boxes and their prices for your reference! :)

But wait, it doesn't end there, folks. Aside from cookies, Cariza's also specializes in cupcakes.
They come in two sizes and five delicious flavors - each special in its own way. Their bestseller is the Green Tea, but since I'm huge on cream cheese and nuts, I fell in love with the Carrot with Walnuts (that's saying something since I don't normally eat carrots). My sister, on the other hand, couldn't stop raving about their Red Velvet!
They have Christmas boxes for your cupcake-loving loved ones as well! Haha ;)

Posting their full product list - feel free to right click and save for future orders! ;) They can also be given as gifts for birthdays and random occasions.

Check out their Stuffed Cookie Cake and Naked Cakes, too! Sounds delicious, yes? <3

P.S. Their products are baked fresh daily!

For orders, contact Hana Agbayani at 0915-333-2111
Personalized / Bulk orders are accepted.
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