Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brownies + Cookies = AWESOME!


It's so easy to make! You just need three things:
Just follow the instructions on your cake/brownie mix. But since the mixture turned out too thick (and too sweet for my taste), I decided to add some milk and water to dilute it a bit.

The next steps are pretty simple. First, lay your cookies onto a plate. I used Cream-O's, but Oreos are a good choice, too. ;)
Next, put about a teaspoon of peanut butter on one cookie, then top it with another cookie.
You're basically making a peanut butter (cookie) sandwich. Easy enough, right?
Then scoop a tablespoon of your brownie mix and pour it on top of the cookie sandwich.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take note of how long it should be left in the oven for. I'll update this part the next time I make these.

Anyway, here's how my first brookie turned out. Not pretty at all. Haha :P
Since my cupcake pan is shallow, I decided to just use one cookie for the following batches, still topping it with some peanut butter.
Here's the final result - fresh out of the oven! ;)
Brookies and milk - definitely a good combination.
Here's how it will look on the inside with two cookies.
Happy Wednesday! xo

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